Ash bench

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In this video I demonstrate the process of making a bench - as a gift for my relatives. It's a couple and next week they have three reasons to celebrate: their birthday anniversaries (55 and 60) and a wedding anniversary. I hope my gift will be appropriate and will find a place in their home. I respect this couple, working hard they have achieved much in their lives.
I spent a whole week making this bench. The outcome - it turned out strong and stable. The bench frame is made from ash tree. But the cross-cuts inserts of the fruit trees are setting the mood for this bench :).
Thank you for watching!

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  • Absolutely beautiful work and exquisite detail on that table. Wonderful! Thank you for the video.

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  • You did it so easy and beautifully. I couldn’t catch up that fast with some technics you did. It would be helpful if you could write to us what paint did you use and us it resin your poured over the top ? Thank you

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  • Parabéns amigo muito belíssimos o seu trabalho, você é um grande artista.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  • Valor de uma, e você manda para o Maranhão?

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  • 15:13六支卡榫沒有完全打到底。這樣一來,就是椅子最脆弱的地方。腐蝕爛掉了,椅子也就毀了。 而且,有空隙,也容易卡灰塵。這樣的設計,確實不理想!!

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  • Beautiful Craftmanship...Thanks a lot for the video...Good Luck👍👍

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  • Hi Nick ! Do you sometimes give a few dimensions ? Especially about this marvelous ash bench ? Thanks ! Marc from Belgium

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    • Hello! I have already donated this bench, so I will not be able to check the exact dimensions. Usually all my sizes are made by eye! ;)

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  • Вопрос мастеру. Для чего зазор с помощью шкантов между ногами и досками сделан??? Очень интересно, жду ответа?

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    • Декоративних момент, что би со сторони казалось как було скамя парит

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  • Leveling the cross sections was the most relaxing part for me haha! Amazing job! Think I know what to do with a large branch that was downed by a storm in my backyard!

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  • Красиво, но геморойно

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  • Fantastic!!! Salutations from Malaysia! Very unique and love your dedicated efforts for perfection.

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  • what kind of oil or sealer is that that you put on there at the end?? Great work,.. lots of patience

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  • I love it!!

  • Really why some people are jelous of such kind of masterpieces. Can any of them create something like that. It needs imagination, patience, skills and many years experience. Nothing is as easy as it seems. We need to encourage not to criticize. Really superb. I liked the idea itself. Would like to have something like this.

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  • Absolutely beautiful workmanship. I love it

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  • Красавчик. Без комментариев. Главное знает что делать

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  • Keren banget, saya suka

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  • Which solution or adhesive use?

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    • Epoxy resin

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  • Work of art!

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  • Very nice work! I have always loved working with wood but have never had the time, space or money needed to have my own shop. For now, I will enjoy your work!

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  • One of the most beautiful benches I've ever seen! Wow! So amazing!💗

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  • Beautiful. You did an amazing job. A lot of thought and time went into making this project.

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  • I've learned so may little tricks I can use from watching your videos, I've always thought I couldn't do it because I didn't have the right tools. BTW I hate that you don't have a planer, sanding suuuuucks!

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  • 🌹🌹ARTWORK🌹🌹🇹🇷🙋

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  • I'm at EAA over at evit for construction and my instructor actually put this on for our students and they were so dumbfounded and amazed by your amazing Talent

    Patrick VargaPatrick Varga5 päivää sitten
    • @C P So we are colleagues! ;) I always collect cut fruit tree branches. In this project I used apple, cherry and walnut trees cross cut slices.

      HomeMade in LvivHomeMade in LvivPäivä sitten
    • @HomeMade in Lviv I am also a banker with the woodworking hobby...but my stuff doesn’t look nearly this good. BTW what types of wood did you use in the cross cut inlays?

      C PC PPäivä sitten
    • @HomeMade in Lviv well that's a hobby then that's amazing and thanks to you we have some new students who are attempting that quality and have so far done amazing just by watching your video

      Patrick VargaPatrick Varga3 päivää sitten
    • Thank you! I am very pleased because I do not position myself as a carpenter, I am a banker with 15 years of experience. Woodworking is just a hobby for me! :)

      HomeMade in LvivHomeMade in Lviv4 päivää sitten
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