If Among Us was made by EA

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If Among Us was made by EA
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Welcome to my If Among Us was made by EA
/ by TBC Gaming
This is a video that shows to you what would happen if the game Among Us was made by EA
Among Us is a muder mystery based game. In every round there is at least 1 Impostor (upto 3), who tries to kill the 9 (or 8 or 7) Crewmates. If the Impostor is able to kill every Crewmate or if he sabotages o2 and the reactor (and nobody repairs it in the given time limit), the Impostor wins. The goal as a Crewmate is to find out who the Impostor is and to get him voted out after a dead body got reported. The person who gets the most votes will be eliminated.
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    • How to change voice like in this video

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    • But why is this so true?

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  • If this was what actually what happened among us wouldn't be a thing

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  • Is not Free

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  • I hate ea

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  • Anoying right i really this is bad for me when i play

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  • If you want to play this you got to be mr beast or a millionaire

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  • U spent about.......34B

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  • I hate EA so much there very expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I had hacked real racing 3 lol

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  • Why is there so many EA parodies where you pay of everything? I'm just confused.

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  • EA: 10 bucks for every step ya take

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  • Thats whyi dont like EA

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  • Among Us Expansions Among Us: Meeting Life Among Us: Tasks Life Among Us: Clothes Life Among Us: Impostor life Among Us: Crewmate Life Among Us: Poor Life... Oh no, that's just you darling.

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  • Before: $1M After: $-500

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  • If this happened real no one will play this

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  • EA : i love the cash cash for tasks cash for play double for entre in the server cash for kill cash for play the game cash for sabotage wait what ????

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  • About 700$ spend if this was true👍

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  • man u gonna be broke now

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  • What I wish happened at the end : u want buy ability to leave game? Yes : 10000000$ No: 8374728462836282946372829$

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  • With the money he could had bought a good pc for $1400 and a Xbox One and a PlayStation 5 for ($500 + $500) that’s a better investment 😂!

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  • What the heck if they would tell me that I'll be like go to download and write this game is the worst game ever don't you ever download it it makes me pay money to do everything like it steals your money from your cash I'm telling you if you don't believe me you can go join it

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  • i remembered watching this legend in 2019

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  • I play among us and I don’t need to pay I just play among us free

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  • 11+6+100+2+5+25+51+13+13+13+11+90+90+90+90+90+90+90+90+90+90+30+5+6+43= thats how much he payed can someone tell me the answer

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  • Don't made game ok pleas

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  • Cyan: I saw brown vent and kill! Blue: do you have something to defend yourself brown? Brown: *pays 10$* Cyan was ejected.

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  • Oh my God

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  • If among us was made by EA this will be a disaster for mr because i dont have any money online

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  • Why in Among us has Pay Money Boy

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  • Cause u didnt even do the 89.99x13 and he clicked 13 times i counted that so 89.99x13=1.169,87 and if u add 400 it will be 1.569.87 and if u add two round the number five round up and add one at the 1000 place and add them all

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  • No dude that was Spend:2,495.74 calculate it man u will see the right answer

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  • Omgggg It's the funniest among us video😂

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  • Lol how do you even make among us vids entertaining, mines are just trash I cant even watch a second of it

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  • Boi pay 1.2T for free acess to all things color,map,pets, hats and skins and message ferr

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  • He kept pausing and editing. Good edit man!

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  • I don’t think it’s worth it to play among us when you have to pay so much lol (among us is not expensive)

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  • Imagine if the imposter went to kill you and it said pay to die

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  • EA is the worst I will kill him in this game if he joins or I will kick him

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  • EA PAYMENT..... Read comments. (yes)$10.99 (no)$10.99

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