YES! RED SAFE CODE REVEAL! Trapped in Hacker Hello Neighbor in Real Life Battle Royale Challenge!

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After Chad Wild Clay made "WHAT'S INSIDE These RED SAFES? Spy Ninjas vs Last to Open Hackers Safe Wins Trick Shot Challenge", Vy Qwaint created "RED SAFE BLOWN OPEN! Spy Ninjas Playing Toy Story Challenges vs Hacker to Sneak into Friend Game", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "HACKERS in HELLO NEIGHBOR Game? I Found Red Safe in Hide and Seek Challenge vs Escape Project Zorgo!", Chad and Vy travel to a mysterious hacker house, codenamed "Lair 13" in order to finally discover the combinations to the red safes that they have acquired from Project Zorgo! Unfortunately for our two Spy Ninjas, this secret base of hacker operations is filled with PZ members! The husband & wife duo must infiltrate the scene and remain undetected, as they search for the potential key to unlocking the safes. However, what the team soon finds are colored chests, all sealed with a lock. Is this another puzzle to solve or can this be the final step in unlocking those frustrating red safes? Fortunately for the Spy Ninjas, the hackers around the base have the keys to opening the chests, which may hopefully have the keys for the safe, which may finally help us defeat Project Zorgo once and for all! WHEW! We are getting closer and closer Spy Ninjas! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • What is up Spy Ninjas! The code to the red safe is inside this house!

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    • I like your videos

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    • Vy Qwaint CWC PZ4 PZ9

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    • Vy Qwaint CWC PZ4 PZ9

      Savannah ChuSavannah Chu12 päivää sitten
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  • NO

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  • Hi chad the code is 1234

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  • i thank the code to this safe is 5695

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  • It was so funny. To be when they was like noting for look for the last one

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  • I have been a fan from 2018 yay!

  • The safe number is 12343

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  • the hackers are mean not gonna lie

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  • the red safe code is/64462418

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  • Chad is so nice even tho is the spy ninja enemy

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  • u are the best youtuber every

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  • Open the safe

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  • Is chad dead

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  • The. Code. To. The. Safe. is. 130759657

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  • THE LAST one is GREEN

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  • PZ4

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  • Hi sqy ninjas

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  • Spy ninjas sronge💪

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  • The code to the red safe is 3621

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  • Hacker: 45 ninja crew: 990 :•× (i hv no words for the world)

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  • Yeah they’re the ones that are going to get a lesser scribers you are going to get more in the rest of the sponges

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  • I am your biggest fan

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  • RED SAFE 64462418

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  • The code is 12418 spy ninjas

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  • The. Code. Is. 6446 Okay

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  • one of the three chests are in the garage fridge so you have to get it

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  • Close to 1:31 is proof that the spy ninjas are not bad

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  • Play my name is Harmony’s and I really like you and I think that number is 050-5677 because that’s a part of the store phone number and see what is there a giraffe I can come over sometime

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    • Project zorgo for life

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  • I don’t have any money and so how can I get the recruit Set

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  • The code to the safe is 64462418

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  • Thank you queen Be quiet I know You live in and this is adorable member only Telling you half my project zorgo name half of it and if you wanna know how to get to the top of the black pyramid you got listen and do changes 1st challenge chad you have to jump off or the dog and to keep you safe could you're being there there Next song next time

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