KINDERGARTEN 2 kids are MESSED UP 👶 Missions 1-6 Completed Playthrough

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The NEW Kindergarten 2 game is finally here!
The Hitman's Potty Guard: 0:00:19
A Tale of Two Janitors: 0:23:59
Flowers For Diana: 0:40:08
Opposites Attract: 0:57:41
Cain's Not Able: 1:15:02
If You Can Dodge A Nugget: 1:29:46
The gang is back! Cindy, Monty, Buggs, the Janitor, the scary teacher, and our beloved Nugget! This is a completed playthrough/walkthrough of the first 6 missions! Each mission is linked above with a time-code in case you want to watch one at a time or come back for hints!
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  • Gloom : Polly. Me : Polly the parrot.

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  • When a 6yrs old plays this game:

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  • “COME TO MUMMY PILLS” 2021-2020 oofers

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  • *Nu- Nu-...* *NUGGET FACTORY!?!?!*

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  • I love nugget

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  • U have to get all monstermon cards to press the button

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  • I love how Cassie is actually feeling bad and Jay it’s like there you go you little b**** Cassie: I feel so bad for Monty because he has a wheelchair and we’re about to ruin his day. Jay: there you go Monty you little wheelchair b****

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  • There was a monster band card on the walk wall at recess I didn't know if you solat but I did And I just wanted to tell you because I'm your biggest fan and your really masing still yeah

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  • Gloom stop saying polly it's penny

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  • is it just me or did anyone else notice that cassie is saying polly instead of penny sometimes

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  • Is it just me or does the inventory in kindergarten look like the inventory in middle school,IS THIS A COINCIDENCE,I THINK NOT!

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  • Please bring this back for nostalgic week or the other game that you had a shelter and there was a zombie apocalypse?

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  • Ted's real plan: GET AWAY FROM CARLA.

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  • Kassie: There's toilet paper everywhere 2020: I HAVE to change that, hey COVID come here!

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  • In the one with Ted, Dr danner talks about one of his display legs going missing. In the last level, in the nugget cave, there is the other leg! Did anyone else notice?

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    • @Reuben Manzo I’m too dumb to try realise if it’s the same thing or if I’m wrong xD

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    • @xPølarized I just watched the video again, the ball hit Felix and went *over* Ted.

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    • He got hit because he didn’t catch the dodgeball ball, sorry if i sound rude

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  • Kassie: "def not chug" Me: Thats Buggs not chug from sally face....

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    • She gets names wrong- like Penny to Polly😂

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  • 6:09 Me:Whut?A nurse? an infirmary? I don't see one

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