First Wash in 44 years! Barn Find Datsun 280z with only 350 Original Miles

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This is the rarest Datsun 280z Barn find ever recorded (as I've been told) with only 350 original miles! It was left in a barn near Hershey Pennsylvania before its first wash in 44 years! You'd expect this to be a complete detailing disaster because it was left untouched for so long...but the paint was in good condition despite being covered in filth and disgusting grime. In this barn find, we use AMMO Frothe to remove the first layer of dust and dirt to ensure the rubber seals did not leak if we power washed. Once confident, we power washed the paint, then compounded and polished with a Rupes polisher during our paint restoration. The Datsun 280z has since won several awards at Zcon and more information can be found at
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  • When I was 14 about 7 years ago I came across a 1970 240z. I pulled it out and got the title to it. Working on restoring it rn

    Flying A AutomotiveFlying A Automotive53 minuuttia sitten
  • My buddy had the 240Z way back when. Man we had a lot of fun in that car.

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    Draeguer 0_oDraeguer 0_o18 tuntia sitten
  • I've always wished they would bring back old models sometime and produce them exactly as they were when they were new, not updated.

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  • I've had Z cars my whole life. Currently have my 7th. So, this was awesome. And, when your ad came on, I was like, "oh my God...awful ad placement" ( and almost skipped it, but I gotta say...that actually looks kinda awesome. Love the "Cars and Bids" plug, too. Hahaha

    rmp5srmp5sPäivä sitten
  • Datsun was a billion times better before it became nissan i use to love 210s 310s 1600s i use to work on them

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  • It’s a stunner for sure.

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  • So....dude buys a brand new car, bumper has a dent, gets the replacement bumper then....just...stops and never drivers it because of money issues? Ummm....I'm calling bs. Sorry. Come up with a better back story. I realize that after 3+ yrs of uploads and with 1.64M subs to pacify it might get hard to come up with original material, but c'mon man. Someone buys a new car and never drives it because he doesn't have the money to, what, put the radio in it that he wants?

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  • Torana lj and Datsun 260/280Z favorite cars growing up. I would love to buy this car if it was right hand drive.

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  • Z is pronounced ZED in English!

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  • The original owner was not a smart man.

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  • I used to clean my vehicle with just a bucket of water & a packet of shampoo

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  • never fucking drove it

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  • Just thought I'd mention that he did not display the stock number to the car. That is the key code. You use this code to cut a new key without having to have a working key.

    Tim LeMasterTim LeMaster2 päivää sitten
  • They didn't start this old beast...

    NoiRNoiR2 päivää sitten
  • My parents owned the 240z when I was a little kid, it was the same blue color. I wish they could have kept it cause they loved that car, but with me getting bigger, it was time to upgrade to a family car. I remember traveling from Missouri to Wyoming on my mom’s lap the whole way before they traded it in.

    Thunderhawk74Thunderhawk742 päivää sitten
  • NOOOOOOO!!! It's a Datsun. They used the CHEAPEST metal they could find to make them, which is why they all rusted away within a decade. The only reason that one still exists is because it hasn't been near water. As soon as you washed it you signed it's death sentence, it'll be a pile of rust in under 10 years, under 5 if you ever drive it in the rain. :'(

    WhistlerWhistler2 päivää sitten
  • I miss my 300ZX Z31.. just a great road car and overall enjoyable experience. Datsuns are something else.

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  • That "frothy" part looks stupid, spraying foam and then wiping it off dry?, I could feel the dust rubbing thru the paint just by watching it

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  • Strip that turd down and put a 427 in it. Power glide and an 8.8.

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  • This car shows a part of Japanes quality in the 70ties.

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  • The protective fisherman routinely look because ellipse hepatosplenomegaly twist modulo a crooked sushi. elegant, far-flung diving

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  • Give a light water wash and let it sit in open air then wash again with only water to remove dirt putting soap and wiping it with towel was stupid thing to do which created messy scratchy looking surface which ended up polishing .. the CAR HAD ORIGINAL NEW PAINT SHINE

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  • I drive an 83' 280zx. I get a lot of looks and complements.

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    • If you listened to the video you would understand that as it sits on the car it lubricates the paint as it lifts the dirt off...

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    • @Tim LeMaster and yet people seem to let him detail their very expensive cars... I don't think anyone but the best gets to detail a McLaren F1 GTR LT

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    • This guy doesn't seem like a very good detailer.....

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  • If I ever come into some cash, I’m getting a collection of Datsun. One of my first cars that actually ran was a Datsun B210.

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  • I wanted to hear the engine roar to life. My Dad had one and I used to ride in the back hatch part with my sister.

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  • Looks like it doing 100 MPH standing still ... good to see its a manual shift ... certainly will not find another one like this ... great find ... some one will be lucky to own this 280Z for sure ... great video enjoyed it a lot.

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  • Does anyone know what a Neesan is ?

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  • No one even knows that this 280Z was a “Devil Z”, and it could run on the 3.0L engine bore tunes for it..a killing machine with big boost of’s what they called as “Devil Z” in Japan..

    リバイアライアンリバイアライアン6 päivää sitten
    • no one call them Devil Z, it's simply a Fairlady Z. The name Devil Z is from the manga Wangan Midnight. Actually in the manga, he had a 240Z S30 chassis with aero kit and fender flares. Has for the engine, it's L28E 2.8l engine from a 280Z that was bored & stroked into a 3.0L , with a twin turbo setup and triple carburators. Mid Night Racers were racing the ABR S130Z that had a similar setup, which was commong in these years, mid to late 70's and really early 80's.

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  • Wtf!!! why scratch it with the microfibres?? you pushed the dirt under the microfibre along the paint.... prewash citrus spray and snowfoam would have avoided scratching it. School boy error there

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