Identity: A Trans Coming Out Story | Philosophy Tube ★

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Starring Rhys Tees as 'The Man Who Isn't There'
Twitter: @PhilosophyTube
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  • You can see my coming out statement here ---->

    Philosophy TubePhilosophy TubeUukausi sitten
    • That's cool that you're a woman now, but having identification that says female is inaccurate, because terms like male and female are biological terms. Maybe that's a flaw with our identification system and ID'S should denote gender instead of sex.

      Daris HennenDaris Hennen5 tuntia sitten
    • Abi!!!!! I love everything about this!

      Matthew RyanMatthew Ryan16 tuntia sitten
    • Abygail says you can't use your passport when you want to get married or adopt. So what can you use? Nothing? Something? Why is it a big deal? I can't use my passport often when doing admin paperwork either.

      Adela Glez.Adela Glez.22 tuntia sitten
    • @Elliott Hector Awesome! It took like 15 minutes but it worked!

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    • I dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google xD

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  • I'm in tears right now. I only just cracked in the past week, and still so full of doubts as I am, the actor analogy is EXACTLY what it feels like I've been living for so long. To hear it from another mouth is... well, exhilarating.

    We do not deserve the joy that is Diana CavendishWe do not deserve the joy that is Diana Cavendish10 minuuttia sitten
  • Fix your hearts or die. -David Lynch If you're happy in your own skin, that's all that matters.

    Brad MillerBrad MillerTunti sitten
  • Damn I was so confused for the first 20 minutes about who I was looking at, like someone switched out the old philosophy tube person for someone who looks and talks very similarly lmao

    southeastsoutheast2 tuntia sitten
  • It's interesting to me how much of the explanation of your feelings about not being the person you see in the mirror sound like personal struggles I have. For me it is an expression of depression and disassociation. Even though I'm confident that my depression and dissociative struggles are not related to my gender identity, it definitely helps to be able to understand where you are coming from. I can honestly say if changing your gender identity gives you relief from these feelings and makes you feel like a more complete, more realized human being, I can't support it enough. Even if the path to healing is different for you then it is for me, you deserve understanding on that path to healing. These feelings can be extremely painful, debilitating, and draining. No one deserves to feel like this. I sincerely wish you the absolute best on your path.

    Casey CokerCasey Coker3 tuntia sitten
  • I could not love you more, because you cannot duplicate. You have cleared my thoughts too much to count, rest easy that yours matter to us too.

    RDGRDG5 tuntia sitten
  • It’s so sad that my American education has engrained in me “communism=bad” through all of my schooling years that even hearing someone being called a communist makes me immediately think they’re a bad person. And I then have to stop myself and rethink. Say, “no. It’s not bad. They’re not bad.”

    Beramious ClockworkBeramious Clockwork5 tuntia sitten
  • Yayyyyy congratulations!

    Stacey MahunaStacey Mahuna6 tuntia sitten
  • Bless you

    Amir FecherAmir Fecher6 tuntia sitten
  • Listening to you say you’re happy put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you, and I hope you stay happy ❤️

    Lea BLea B7 tuntia sitten
  • I *REALLY* want one of those Fly Safe Cosmonaut tee-shirts!

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  • So this is a Monty Python bit?!

    anthony johnsonanthony johnson8 tuntia sitten
  • keep coming back and watching this video makes me cry everytime

    ari blankari blank9 tuntia sitten
  • I was immediately aware of this video when it came out but kept...skipping it and avoiding it. I knew in abstract what it was about and what it meant, but wasn't quite sure I knew what to think or expect. Its kinda sad to say I felt mildly 'afraid' of it. After watching it though, I can't help but wonder what I was afraid of to begin with. If anything, it feels 'right'? For whatever that is supposed to mean.

    Fenris WafflesFenris Waffles9 tuntia sitten
  • So nice to truly see you, Abigail. I’m so happy for you and I thank you for making this video!

    Elian AlienElian Alien9 tuntia sitten
  • Genuinely, watching her in her pre-transition body fade away after saying she was stopping the performance sent me straight to tears. No one has ever really gotten it before like this. When I look in the mirror, I don't see me. I see the body of some cute girl, who I happen to live in. She's not me. I will never be her. But it feels like, for the sake of everyone who knows her, I still need to be her. People like her. People look up to her. If I ever made it in life and someone told me I was their female role model, I would smile knowing I inspired others. I don't hate her. I don't even dislike her. She's just... A girl my age. I honestly think she's cute. I think she's pretty. I think she has a nice smile, and a nice body. But it's not mine. I'm just living in it. The idea that maybe one day I'll no longer feel guilt about the idea of killing her, the idea that one day I'll recognize my own face, the idea that I will be able to leave her shoes and that she won't resent me for it... What a world to live in. Congratulations, Abigail. Here's to your life.

    SaltbertSaltbert10 tuntia sitten
  • Glad to see you as yourself, Abigail

    AmandaAmanda10 tuntia sitten
  • Congratulations! 🙂 I think I can sympathize a little bit because I was so hetero even in Kindergarden... I always preferred hanging out with the girls and never wanted to play football (soccer) because I wasn't that interested in hanging out with other boys unless they were smart. And I'm still a hetero nerd decades later 🙂😎💪

    t 77t 7711 tuntia sitten
  • This made me hella emotional, I’m so happy for you :’)

    Missy DenseMissy Dense11 tuntia sitten
  • It's absolutely amazing to look back at your video just before this one and to see clearly what a knack you have for controlling your voice! I was struck by the rapid change in your voice from the previous video and I'm sure hormones don't act that fast(?), so you must have an amazing ability to talk in the exact same way you did before your voice changed 😮

    J SJ S12 tuntia sitten
  • I’m very late, but you’ve been one of my favorite FIworldrs for the last year. I love your page and unconditionally always will be supporting you and your work.

    bigmidget117bigmidget11712 tuntia sitten
  • Abigail coming out that door like she's the new doctor

    Pamela da Silva NunesPamela da Silva Nunes13 tuntia sitten
  • Once David Bowie started playing and you emerged from that door all beautiful and graceful and *you*, i almost broke down. My God.

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  • I am sorry my girl, but I liked the vocie a lot more before. nothing personal I am truly happy for you. Edit: Actually, the fact that you lied to us about this topic, makes me a bit sad.

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  • This shit was corny as hell

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  • Good on you, love.

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  • Congratulations! This was amazing.

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  • I support and accept everyone. But your previous low tone voice was more pleasant. Not to say that I don't like your voice but lower frequencies are easier to focus on. Anyway congrats and thank you for once again being the philosopher shining light into the shadows of our minds.

    Ostap KurtashOstap Kurtash14 tuntia sitten
  • Hello Abigail. It's so wonderful to meet you

    Rory ChalcraftRory Chalcraft14 tuntia sitten
  • I didn't wanted to watch this video for a while because I wasn't sure I was in a good enough place to do it and oh boy was I right. I'm glad to hear you're happy now, I hope I'll get there one day too. In the meantime, I'll try to get out of my crappy job and find a better one, like you.

    Torlik11Torlik1114 tuntia sitten
  • Love the Wendy Carlos references

    KyleKyle14 tuntia sitten
  • What’s with the sign on the thumbnail? It was on david bowies last album “blackstar”

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  • I am not a transperson, but I've been playing roles too for 29 years. Since my childhood, I didn't know anything but playing roles. Because of my childhood with a toxic over controlling family, where there wasn't any single understanding person. In post-soviet, post-totalitarian country. I was raised in family without understanding of human rights, of private property of a single person within family, of private space. My parents are 60 now and they're still playing roles. There was no me - only roles. Actually, at the best times I was proud to play them properly. I assumed this was the only reason to proud - to proud for behaving properly and not behaving, let's say, cringy. These roles itself weren't bad. One of them was a role of a kind and understanding person. But within me it was a fear and shame of letting my control go. So, at the age of 26 I went to therapy. And only then I started to realize something. But even there I continued to play a new role - a role of "a proper therapy client". Only after 3-4 years of therapy I was able to let this role go too. And there, beneath, were other feelings besides shame, guilt, anxiety and "proudness of behaving rightfully". There's all sorts of feelings that I've read in books and could not understand. Funny thing, at some point I was replicating expression of feelings I didn't had. Now my actual feelings are not cringe for me anymore. And also, beneath trauma, there's my own decidions. The ability to make decidions, choices. To see concequences of these decidions, not to be anxious of them all the time. To see reality of myself and other people more clearly. Because where toxic shame and guilt is, there is no choice. There's only one option - to do what is not shameful. There is no me, my free will. Like in Audre Lorde's book. I have the experience of playing roles, and I can understand you at this point. It's so great seeing you happy too.

    TRCTrapperTRCTrapper16 tuntia sitten
    • Oh well, now I watch your video "Men. Abuse. Trauma" about similar things

      TRCTrapperTRCTrapper5 tuntia sitten
  • I am so incredibly happy for you! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Anya SchneewegAnya Schneeweg16 tuntia sitten
  • Abby always looked so feminine to me, this kinda doesn't surprise me. Good for you Abby

    S/\LT.S/\LT.16 tuntia sitten
  • I wish you the most wonderful thing I believe one can wish another - That you find peace.

    Rob VespaRob Vespa18 tuntia sitten
  • While viewing this delightful video, I'm finding it challenging not be distracted by your lively hair style.

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  • *Heart*

    Rob VespaRob Vespa18 tuntia sitten
  • Literally the most beautiful coming out video I've seen. Pure art. I'm a new viewer, but I just want to tell you how proud I am of you for...becoming and being you. I can't speak for everyone, but at the very least I can't wait to see what you've got to give. I'm sure you've quite a lot. Thank you for this. On behalf of all of us who are trying desperately to live our own truth, thank you. Thank you for being courageous. Thank you for coming out in such an exceptional and beautiful way. Thank you, Abigail, for being you. For being a role model so many of us desperately need. Thank you.

    aiden's uwulele corneraiden's uwulele corner19 tuntia sitten
  • I had only discovered your channel a year or two ago and, in those past videos, I got the sense, well, I felt it, that you weren't quite who you wanted to be. But, I guess that was just the case in camera. Seeing this and your most recent video made me glad that now you are who you are both on and off came. You look happier. Definitely. :) I always look forward to your content. Thank you for being.

    ZachZach20 tuntia sitten
  • Happy tears for you Abby!!!!! Xoxoxo

    Bonnie DoonBonnie Doon20 tuntia sitten

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  • Abby someone.

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  • ok awesome video but i have to say that fit is fantastic omg! thank you for this video!!!🥰😘☺️💕✨🌈

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  • mend the gapmend the gap21 tunti sitten
  • Oh my gosh! What an amazing video!!

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  • I'm super late but whoa cool nice to meet you Abby

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  • Trying to think of something to say that wont come off as Let me just say..I'm happy for you and I look forward to many more videos

    Tina BerryTina BerryPäivä sitten
  • Very nice very sweet

    Bennett WoodBennett WoodPäivä sitten
  • 31:10 I wasn't going to post this comment, but that joke struck my heart in a strange way. I missed this video when it first came out. I saw the first few minutes, I thought you were hosting another creator who are starting out, and this was their story, and then something else caught my attention and I just never got back to this video. I saw the next video today on capital punishment and, while it was amazing, I was expecting a dramatic costume change the entire way through. I finally came back to this video after the capital punishment video and got caught up. I really liked the character you put forward, and I'll admit I'm a little disappointed to see them go; but I'm glad to actually meet you the way I was supposed to. I hope your job is that much more enjoyable now. Congrats and thank you!

    Archetypal OtherArchetypal OtherPäivä sitten
  • lol thats not what legally blind means

    Violet RaddViolet RaddPäivä sitten
  • I came out five years ago, and I went through soo much pain and if I would’ve watched this the day I had the courage to come out and stand tall. Your view would’ve helped me come to my own identity instead of choosing one that allowed me to fit into society. Thank you soo much for this view.❤️

    Oh noo beautyOh noo beautyPäivä sitten
  • Thank you for this, Abigail. I wrote this somewhere else in the thread, but this video has helped me, at the very least, to ask myself some questions regarding my own gender identity that I've been terrified to ask for a long time. Like a lot of people, I looked up to you as a role model, particularly in your expression of bisexuality and queer identity, something I was still growing into when I started watching your content. When I first heard that you were coming out, I was intrigued and excited, while also a little curious. I had never had someone close to me come out as transgender and was still fairly uneducated on what that would look like. But when you stepped out to that David Bowie song (fantastic choice btw) I couldn't help but feel so many emotions at once: Excited, in awe, stunned, and..a bit jealous. Your journey has no doubt been a complicated one and I don't mean to erase the challenges of it by saying this but: That comfort, that joy and peace you have on you now is infectious and I realized that I want that for myself. I've watched this a few times now, and am still trying to put the pieces together, thanks to other resources and hopefully a therapist in due time. Likely my journey will look very different in some ways, but I wanted to thank you. You are and always have been a role model, and your bravery in being honest with yourself and others is going to change so many for the better. Thank you, Abigail. Long reign the princess of TERF island!

    Malachi KeyMalachi KeyPäivä sitten
  • When I first started watching your video’s, I actually thought you had probably been a woman that had transitioned into a man. You are a really good actor, as I thought in the first half of this video -you were more classically masculine than I had ever seen you before. I thought your big announcement was going to be that you had just had full surgery and gender reassignment to be a man.

    Mr Siamese CatMr Siamese CatPäivä sitten
  • In the least judgemental way possible: why Abigail instead of Olivia?

    ROB BoheaROB BoheaPäivä sitten
    • Changing your name for the opposite gender or similar sounding may feel like still being stuck with the same choice somebody else made. She may feel more comfortable with "Abigail" than sounding "logical" for something that doesn't make sense.

      Dixit DominusDixit Dominus14 tuntia sitten
  • I'm so happy for you! Dish it out you sexy thing!

    Random HarrisonRandom HarrisonPäivä sitten
  • i lilterally gasped when i saw you came out of that door, you look so beautiful and happy!! im genuinely proud of you

    Carol Everhart-WestwoodCarol Everhart-WestwoodPäivä sitten
  • ... This is like the fifth time a "guy" I've looked at and gone "I think this man may make me (afab) have to finally face my own experiences in gender, as I feel a strong desire to be like them" has come out as a trans woman. I feel like this might maybe possibly be my gaydar's way of trying to make things too obvious for me to ignore via irony and statements by said women about their experiences.

    Sam HSam HPäivä sitten
  • Brilliant

    Susan HigginsSusan HigginsPäivä sitten
  • Congratulations Abigail! I am very happy for you! I am a nonbinary woman. You are an inspiration to me. I knew my identity at a young age but still I ended up internalizing shame and hate because of parenting and religious upbringing. I have already left my religion. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I'm still trying to get rid of internalized hatred. It's weird because I think that I accept myself and I love myself but I still feel the opposite. And one of the ways I think that would help me is through observing and being around inspiring people like you. Thank you for what you do!

    Kim MorganKim MorganPäivä sitten
  • Just wanted to say that this would never change my opinion of you. When I think of you I think of how much I like your videos and beliefs. You are still the same person to me, not because you are a woman, but because I didn't even consider your gender in the first place, and always thought of you as "a person whose videos I like". I am happy you get to be your true self on screen, and I am not sad the "old you is gone" because you were always you, you are just presenting as your true self now, but none of the things I like about your videos went away. Gender doesn't matter, because you are still a role model, maybe not a masculine one, but a role model in many other ways, and now you'll be a role model for many trans kids as well. So thank you, and you'll always have my support, Abigail.

    Ava PersingerAva PersingerPäivä sitten
  • I dont think I'll ever understand the Trans mindset, I don't know if that's ok or not. What I do know is that someone being Trans is none of my damn business or concern. It's their life, their body, their comfort. I do however have a morbid curiosity about it. I would love to converse with someone about it but I'm always afraid of coming off bigoted or something. So I avoid it, for their sake and mine.

    Alfredo GaitanAlfredo GaitanPäivä sitten
    • There are plenty of videos of trans people sharing their experiences on FIworld if you would like to learn more without bothering a trans person.

      Cáca MilisCáca Milis8 tuntia sitten
  • So proud of you, Miss Abby! Forever a fan of you and your amazing mind!💖💯

    modflowerrmodflowerrPäivä sitten
  • is it bad that when i realized this was her coming out my first thought was "oh my gods, the costumes!! previously unexploited vein of Panache!!!" ??

    Autistic Corvid KenkuAutistic Corvid KenkuPäivä sitten
  • sleep

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  • 3:11 im already trans lol

    세린 is not Sae or Rin세린 is not Sae or RinPäivä sitten
  • This video was only the second one I ever watched on this channel. Due to this shortage of familiarity, I had no idea the actor in this video was not the literal same person as I saw in that older video from mid-2019, until I read in the comments about what an amazing job he did of portraying that character. I have now seen one additional video from this channel, a far more recent video than my first, but still older than this one. I now have a far stronger appreciation for that acting talent; in both appearance and mannerisms, Rhys Tees as "The Man Who Isn't There" look a lot more like the Abigail of a year and a half ago than the Abigail of a few months ago does, even though those two Abigails are literally the same person, playing more-or-less the same fictional role! Watching that last video, in the context of having seen this one, has helped me through a significant step in growing to understand my own gender identity. I have long thought of myself as a cis man, and I still do, but I have also long felt uncomfortable with much about my "masculine" appearance. I may or may not come to think of myself as nonbinary at some point in the future. The "man" in that video, the character portrayed by Abigail, is the first live-action example I recall ever seeing of the ideal I wish to strive for: someone who can pass as man or woman almost equally well, and is good-looking as either, but privately knows that only one of the two is the truth. Although it was, for her, merely an awkward in-between stage on her journey to her true self, seeing that version of Abigail inspired me to believe that I, too, may someday be able to fully live my own truth. Thank you. PS: In case anyone is actually reading this, and wants to know which specific other videos I'm talking about, they are "Men. Abuse. Trauma." and "Who's Afraid of the Experts?"

    Emperor DoddEmperor DoddPäivä sitten
  • Trying to find something intelligent and positive to say in reaction to this comming out... Can't find anything that would fit the magnitude. But had a strong desire to say what apparently cannot be put into words.

    Sébastien AuclairSébastien AuclairPäivä sitten
  • I don't know why I get so emotional when she changes

    Sam KooSam KooPäivä sitten
  • there is something so magical and real about this

    Sam KooSam KooPäivä sitten
  • Having spent the time absorbing this, and considering things within myself and my head... I didn't get why it wasn't you playing yourself for way too long. I think I got it on one level rather fast, but I knew there was some other level I was not understanding it on. With time, I think I have reached a far more empathetic view of it, and seeing it in that way: I would like to thank you for offering us this adieu. In the end, I find it incredibly kind, and very meaningful. So thank you very, very much for this kindness and thoughtfulness towards your audience. I appreciate it very much, and I appreciate you for offering it, Abigail :) Best wishes

    Earth-FuryEarth-FuryPäivä sitten
  • Dude . . . .

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    • nope

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  • Well... that was a fucking rollercoaster... Hands down one of the most comprehensive explanations I've ever heard. Bravo. Nice to meet you Abbz 🙂

    James BruceJames BrucePäivä sitten
  • Hell yeah sister

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  • 25:26 I was hoping for more Whovian (Doctor Who-esque) whatnot here, but cool nonetheless. Bowie was a good choice. Bowie is god.

    Moribund MurdochMoribund MurdochPäivä sitten
    • I know it's a Bowie song but who actually sings this version..? I cant find it...

      Marcus AustinMarcus Austin20 tuntia sitten
  • ass

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  • On the topic of "being the same person", I find people depressing if they haven't changed significantly enough over any period of 10 years to consider themselves to be a whole new person at that point. There is something deeply wrong with people that incapable of change, improvement, and self-awareness.

    LietuLietuPäivä sitten
  • Syd CryptidSyd CryptidPäivä sitten
  • Everyone supports you. Keep fighting hate if you get any. Even though thats contradictory. Congratulations on becoming you, the real you.

    J . CJ . CPäivä sitten
  • You look so happy. I'm so very, very pleased for you.

    Andrew CannonAndrew CannonPäivä sitten
  • Nice to meet you, Abigail! =)

    Anthony FelicianoAnthony FelicianoPäivä sitten
  • waiting for Hbomberguy coming out video

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  • Philosophy turns you gay confirmed

    unknowm alkhatibunknowm alkhatibPäivä sitten
  • Amazing story, Abigail! I hope everything goes well for you in UK! Much love from Brazil.

    Gui F.P.Gui F.P.Päivä sitten
  • So I'm late to the party after not really being involved with FIworld since the turn of the year and only got around to seeing this. I just want to say that I'm glad you felt ready to come out to the channel. Looking back at a lot of your recently old videos (at least the ones my brain can call up without looking), there was definitely a sense of stiffness to how you showed yourself to the camera. I honestly thought it was just how you reacted to the red glow since many people can shift once they have to perform, even if it's to perform as themselves in front of others, but after watching Abby for just a few minutes...well it's obviously not that. Abigail comes across as far more relaxed and natural even compared to the old "I'm going to be honest and talk about myself for a minute" skits from past videos. Away from that - A fantastic script for the first half of the video. As a performer of Puck, I can't think of a better way to end a topic such as this. I look forward to seeing more of Abigail in future videos!

    Andrew BeltonAndrew BeltonPäivä sitten
  • hi abby, nice to see you! lmao @ "hooray! i'm the transgender princess of terf island!" you're the greatest

    urbanspacegirlurbanspacegirlPäivä sitten
  • gay

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  • Nice tights sister!

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  • I was skipping through the end of the video, because I thought there was something else coming, but there are just so many people that support your patreon! That made me quite happy.

    Sleepy KittySleepy KittyPäivä sitten
  • This was so beautiful, Abigail.

    CJ WrightCJ WrightPäivä sitten
  • This video is beautiful. I'm incredibly happy for you ❤️

    KydellKydellPäivä sitten
  • "I'm actually a woman... cool!" I fucking love you. 😍💕

    VannahVannahPäivä sitten
  • Ok, I'll just get the "he and "she" all wrong but fuck it... Am I the only one that doesn't really buy this? Like, I think it's noble to fight for a just cause like this and I honestly respect the shit out her for doing this but like..... I really find it hard to believe that he's really a woman... I've been following his work for years now and I honestly thing he's the kind of man I one day inspire to be. So I really think that this is something made to be a statement in favor of trans people, which (like I said) is a great thing! Am I the only one?...

    Alexandre HenriquesAlexandre HenriquesPäivä sitten
    • @Alexandre Henriques gotcha gotcha sorry completely miss read what you were trying to say and that’s great man live your life and do the things that make you happy fuck people who say you can’t

      Ttam 24Ttam 24Päivä sitten
    • @Ttam 24 I did not imply that... I Said that shes making a statement, not faking it so that She get Trans support... And that thing of "gender norm" Your refeering to makes no sense... He is the person that broke "mens norms" for me, I learned that it's ok to show emotion and talk about certain stuff that I personally never thought to...

      Alexandre HenriquesAlexandre HenriquesPäivä sitten
    • If your implying she is faking it so she can get support from trans people that’s kinda fucked up and just to let you know the whole man you wanna be stuff is kinda sounds like it’s based on gender norms so just be the person you wanna be

      Ttam 24Ttam 24Päivä sitten
  • I am a biological boy and I don't know what boy's job you are talking about. If this job is a job society gave me then its not me, so why identify it as boys' job? Being free from society's image on anything I can understand. Being free from biology, has no meaning to me at the moment. I am just a boy. And it means nothing. It only means something in society. And I don't care what she says, so "boy" is nothing. So being free for you means what? Just free from society I guess. So why does it have to change your biology? I am asking this with respect and joy for you, if your truth is truth. Another thing that is interesting is why you do woman movements. You are adopting an image (society's image), just you are adopting another image, not the boy image. So you are probably still not free, just put your brains puzzle in a way that provides relief from your old "equation". Adopting this femininity movement is like saying that girls who dont have this femininity, are not girls. Like not being a bit fat was not an identification mark of femininity in the past. I don't think all women that dont have such femininity, think they are not girls, whatever "girl" means. They would only if they let society apply an image on what a girl is. This is what I think. And I will be judged probably. That makes two of us. Again, with love and respect.

    George TGeorge TPäivä sitten
  • “I’m going to show you what it’s like to be trans.” Me, who has known and lived as trans for almost a decade now: “Oh wow I wonder what that’ll be like!”

    itsaballoonpartyitsaballoonpartyPäivä sitten
  • Congrats btw, Abigail, you're doing great! 😁♥️

    Ms. MedicMainMs. MedicMainPäivä sitten
  • I mean when you go to the doctor, or take medication do you take the female recommended dosages or the male? There are side effects for this . And if you stop taking hormones, how do you feel? does the facial hair come back? I can only see this as cosmetic at most. Eventually, the biology must be accepted . I am just curious because it seems like there is a lot of items being ignored to satisfy this large requirement.

    Source Code DeletedSource Code DeletedPäivä sitten
    • Nobody actually ignores the biological aspect of being trans. If you would like to know correct dosages and the effects of hormones, please speak to a doctor or specialist.

      Cáca MilisCáca Milis8 tuntia sitten
  • No clue what's going on. Thumbs up though on the real very nicely worded everything and eloquent. I'm confused but feel nice. So I hope 2021 is a good year regardless of all the major fucking challenges it has in store for us all, and hope you continue to prosper!

    Starr VischachaStarr VischachaPäivä sitten
  • Me, a trans person: I can't wait to relate to trans people!

    Shane cShane cPäivä sitten
  • And she's not going to tell any of us where she got that shirt with the killer collar.

    Roxxy GoetzRoxxy GoetzPäivä sitten