Who Broke It?! (Gacha Club Skit) // ft. Past Aftons

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Anyways I'm gonna make more past afton videos in the future because I enjoy making them, and no hate comments can stop me. Bye bye 😌✌️

  • Bro the art on this person's pfp tho

    Senoumou KeitaSenoumou Keita2 minuuttia sitten
  • Even i am sweating

    gamekid bunny7gamekid bunny739 minuuttia sitten
  • 1M views? Congrats!

    Barış Aykut / Cross!CharaBarış Aykut / Cross!Chara8 tuntia sitten
  • Tv

    Np LacamellNp Lacamell8 tuntia sitten
  • I dont know why but i dont like that william is calling the TV television

    Rozelynn RitzingerRozelynn Ritzinger19 tuntia sitten
  • Wait what actually that thing do for??? The one what umm elizabeth asked???

    MSCMSC19 tuntia sitten
  • "he likes to be beat up the wall when hes angry" me: oh so your a wall now mike?

    AngelicaThe StanAngelicaThe StanPäivä sitten
  • I love this video

    XxÇłøüdÿ xXXxÇłøüdÿ xXPäivä sitten
  • Does Chris know what the pole is used for so he said don't know don't care also why did they all say it was them like just agree with Liz that it was her and they won't get in trouble

    Kian Foroughi-RadKian Foroughi-RadPäivä sitten
  • Buying a TV is a waste of money dude-

    rokkensamrokkensamPäivä sitten
  • search this up "a special sunlight let u down" and look at the comments and look t the vid i cried😭

    Mar MazingMar MazingPäivä sitten
  • ok😎

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  • lol

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  • F

    Monica Gaona hMonica Gaona h2 päivää sitten
  • It’s Liz

    Kayla JamesKayla James2 päivää sitten
  • Lizzy did it!

    Kayla JamesKayla James2 päivää sitten
  • Will can go ☺🕯

    Michael AftonMichael Afton2 päivää sitten
  • My POV:oh gawd

    Shaikha AlHoliShaikha AlHoli2 päivää sitten

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  • I wanted to say how wholesome there relationship is,Eli the child who would do anything for ice-cream,Mike the hated child and Chris the 24 years old man

    シBlair •CloudiiツシBlair •Cloudiiツ2 päivää sitten
  • Lizzy is so clueless-

    • Technø Bunny •• Technø Bunny •2 päivää sitten
  • Jesus, this just makes me mad 😡. Lizzie needs to learn responsibility. Such a brat... plus losing ice cream and new stuff is absolutely nothing compared to getting physically beaten.

    xXFireColtXxxXFireColtXx3 päivää sitten
  • Oh god Mike no!!!- oh jesus Chris NO ELIZABETH AFTON- ahh better oh jeez William stop yeshh wait why ok?

    sxmply_vxbe gxrlsxmply_vxbe gxrl3 päivää sitten
  • Bruh Sweet potato casserole

    Kirishima EjiroKirishima Ejiro3 päivää sitten
  • their fricking dead °>°

    marcela asamarcela asa3 päivää sitten
  • Even Chris is more mature then liz

    RowletRowlet3 päivää sitten
  • Liz is very funny 😂😂😂

    Crystal Da WolfCrystal Da Wolf3 päivää sitten
  • I love how she asked what he uses it for then Mike lies and Chris already knows what he uses for

    Gracie_reddellGracie_reddell3 päivää sitten
  • this is where i first found Skyla and when i first watched this i thought micheal was like 10 or something-

    •vxbxn_gxrl••vxbxn_gxrl•4 päivää sitten
  • I hate this don’t make more

    BeepoBeepo4 päivää sitten
  • Poor william

    Abbie BandoAbbie Bando4 päivää sitten
  • Am i the only one who thought "Chris and Mike are gay as hell" because they said that they wanted to be punished 😭🤚

    DeadlyxXDeadlyxX4 päivää sitten
  • I think them got punishment

    Izzara Nuha Tihani Muhammad ZahirIzzara Nuha Tihani Muhammad Zahir4 päivää sitten
  • My stupid mind:chris is more smart

    Assiria GeovannaAssiria Geovanna4 päivää sitten
  • who needs ice cream tho

  • I love how Chris is a smartass.

    Timothy William SahagunTimothy William Sahagun4 päivää sitten
  • Chris growing up: Elizabeth:daddy hes trying to frame me Micheal:I'm about to beat this bitch up

    Jazmine RuckerJazmine Rucker4 päivää sitten
  • i wanted to chris to say "and Mike is the wall" lol i love youre vids

    Adina PlayzAdina Playz4 päivää sitten
  • Me feeling bad for mike cause liz lied:v also me acting like im watching a horror movie of how mature chris is:v

    •Cookie dough• ø•Cookie dough• ø4 päivää sitten
  • Michael ran out of the kitchen to make coffeee😂😂😂

    sobia Irfansobia Irfan4 päivää sitten
  • Chris is like a mother 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    sobia Irfansobia Irfan4 päivää sitten
  • The dad is like what the hell

    abubakr jaanabubakr jaan5 päivää sitten
  • Ugh! Elizabeth was such a brat then! Only thing she knows is to blame on others!!

    Tomuş Maria AlexandraTomuş Maria Alexandra5 päivää sitten
  • *You got good vids i love your vids can i get a shoutout plzzzzzzzz*

    Abdisalan JeylaniAbdisalan Jeylani5 päivää sitten
  • So uh- How old is Chris? How is he so smart at his age-

    •Karasuno's Tangerine UwU••Karasuno's Tangerine UwU•5 päivää sitten
  • At the start: Chris blaming himself At the middle:Micheal starts to act mature. Then Chris and Micheal starts fighting who broke it At the end:Elizabeth started joining it lol then will gets confused so he gave up and just decided to buy a new TV lollllll

    Panda girl 123Panda girl 1235 päivää sitten
  • QwQ W.H.A.T d.i.d I. j.u.s.t w.a.t.c.h ¿?¿?

    ツ Savage_Nøøtmare ツツ Savage_Nøøtmare ツ5 päivää sitten
  • This is why I hate Liz

    Zachary CollinsZachary Collins5 päivää sitten

    sofhiaplayz robloxsofhiaplayz roblox5 päivää sitten
  • Is Lizzy sir

    Sein HtaySein Htay5 päivää sitten
  • Can I Ask What Is The Sad Song Tittle?

    Aize BloxAize Blox5 päivää sitten
  • william: *father* *with* *anger* *issues* chris: *doesn't* *want* *siblings* *to* *get* *in* *trouble* elizabeth: *doesn't* *want* *to* *get* *in* *trouble* mike: *good* *kid*

    ImTheElmoImTheElmo5 päivää sitten
  • If you think it's liz fllat she got the pole not mike's fallit

    ????????????6 päivää sitten
  • Wow Liz just did that-

    Cüddły CløudsCüddły Cløuds6 päivää sitten
  • hates elizabeth :)

    Syrena Annabel SyahlaniSyrena Annabel Syahlani6 päivää sitten
  • This why i hate elizabeth :)

    Syrena Annabel SyahlaniSyrena Annabel Syahlani6 päivää sitten
  • yknow what william just put a cctv next time

    •Evelichu••Evelichu•6 päivää sitten
  • uh news flash mike has weird shaped head

    zainab chawilyzainab chawily6 päivää sitten
  • *Chris and Mike both saying that they did it and they should be punished* William: What is wrong with my kids- Liz comes in: Dad.. I'm the one who broke it! William: 😑

    M A R I A N N AM A R I A N N A6 päivää sitten
  • Finally someone who spells “coffee” right instead of “coffe.”

    Kin XnemiaKin Xnemia6 päivää sitten
  • Micheal is the wall

    点心Polly点心Polly6 päivää sitten
  • 😱😲👊

    bia e nick mãe e filhabia e nick mãe e filha6 päivää sitten
  • I swear I hate Liz now she is so mean for blaming mike like 😤

    Amanda SullivanAmanda Sullivan6 päivää sitten
  • Pizza>:(

    RISE NATIONRISE NATION6 päivää sitten
  • Yo this is the Hated Child That Gets Scooped ;-;

    TeddiBerriTeddiBerri6 päivää sitten
  • They ar blaming each other and now them self

    Marquee-Phillip LebronMarquee-Phillip Lebron6 päivää sitten
  • Michael is not the child that deserves to be abused. It's Elizabeth.

    -Purpleblossoms--Purpleblossoms-6 päivää sitten
  • Ooooo Liz you broke it and you blame on your brother Ooooo

    Duane GroverDuane Grover6 päivää sitten
  • Lets just appreciate that clara is always in the kitchen and bedroom.....she only go to the other rooms when it is important. And appreaciate that Chris is younger but more clever But Eli is older and yet such an Azzhole and a Framing B:/thc

    MeltedIronMeltedIron6 päivää sitten
  • 0:28 he uses it for: and ill do it again bop bop

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki6 päivää sitten
  • I f*king hate elizebeth

    Gary EverestGary Everest6 päivää sitten
  • I don't like is and what you kill me Michael..!!!

    Kenchana YusofKenchana Yusof6 päivää sitten
  • We can all agree getting no ice cream or no shopping is a bit better than being beat the crap out

    Funtim3GlitcHBoiFuntim3GlitcHBoi6 päivää sitten
  • We can all agree getting no ice cream or no shopping is a bit better than being beat the crap out

    Funtim3GlitcHBoiFuntim3GlitcHBoi6 päivää sitten
  • I would rather choose all of them on punishment because this is just for all of them to blame because it’s makes things shorter

    LannaLanna6 päivää sitten
  • Your cool

  • SRRY IM MAD AT HER :)))))

    vicky 09vicky 096 päivää sitten
  • Me : copys lizzy character and gets my character in gacha club Studio * starts using animations to hurt lizzy and then del her and make her bleed c:

    vicky 09vicky 096 päivää sitten
  • that's funny I can't stop laughing

    Althea YuAlthea Yu7 päivää sitten
  • Another child: admits his/her mistake even though he is a little nervous This video: someone must be willing to sacrifice to be blamed :"v

    Renzie StarzRenzie Starz7 päivää sitten
  • everyone : chris is so innocent chris himself:*shouting at liz*

    eri chaneri chan7 päivää sitten
  • wait why is Chris still saying it's him if he knows it's Liz- If both Michael and Chris say it's liz theres a higher chance of him believing it.what was the point of claiming it was him anyways? lol

    amezuamezu7 päivää sitten
  • I never wanted to hurt a little girl so bad😔

    •Akiko-Chan••Akiko-Chan•7 päivää sitten
  • Hi

    Yeheiri Peralta EstevezYeheiri Peralta Estevez7 päivää sitten
  • If I had kids and they did this I’d be like Okay I WILL CHECK THE CAMERAS :}

    ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂7 päivää sitten
  • No one: Me: Oauphing so hard cuz I would cry if my sisters did this for me

    Julia GiraffeJulia Giraffe7 päivää sitten
  • I lost it at "beat up the wall"

    // I Am Anime \\// I Am Anime \\7 päivää sitten
  • Lizzy need to tell the truth like why blame it on Mike like I know you see all those Marks on his face so shut up. Sorry I just hate lizzy decisions

    Miranda WhiteMiranda White7 päivää sitten
  • Chris quit being responsible EVERY KID BLAMES THER SIBLING

    Reynaldo C. Guerrero Jr.Reynaldo C. Guerrero Jr.7 päivää sitten
  • Liz:I can survive 10 years without ice cream Me:WELL I din, t eat ice crean like 90 years ago and still survive

    Melanie RobloxGamerMelanie RobloxGamer7 päivää sitten
  • William: U KNOW WHAT i’ll just buy another one Me: LOLLLLL IM GONan sieIM

    Milkshake UwuMilkshake Uwu7 päivää sitten
  • I love it how Chris is the youngest yet the smartest 🙃

    Tom WestTom West7 päivää sitten
  • Me: umm let's google it Me:tipes ***************** hmmmm Me:reads Me: finished and who did it is Me:I can remember 😟

    Quiella MesinaQuiella Mesina7 päivää sitten
  • Liz is such a jerk!

    Moonlight the GamerMoonlight the Gamer7 päivää sitten
  • I hate liz

    MileyAllison HernandezMileyAllison Hernandez7 päivää sitten

    Zarah gamer21Zarah gamer218 päivää sitten
  • Then all of them blaming their selfs

    Zarah gamer21Zarah gamer218 päivää sitten
  • Too short!!!!!!

    ELLIE AND MEELLIE AND ME8 päivää sitten
  • Stupid

    Sherliz FabregasSherliz Fabregas8 päivää sitten
  • When they all start talking over the TV- William:OK GEEZ STFU MY EARSSSS DAMN I DID NOT REALIZE I HAD MONEY BCZ I WAS LAZY

    FNãF pūppētFNãF pūppēt8 päivää sitten