The Room Where it Happens - Among Us Animation (read pinned comment)

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EDIT (10.16.20): 1 MILLION? guys how more amazing can this get omggg thanks so much 💗💖💓💘💗
EDIT: GUYS THIS VID HIT 100K IN UNDER A WEEK TSYMMM 🥺👀👀💖💘😩👊 I’ve never had a 100k viewed vid so thanks so muchhhh
yet again another animation i impulsively jumped into and lost inspiration halfway thru making. now my back is broken and the ending of this looks lazy. i love among us so much sdjsfasjk
thought this song fit so well with the game so I animated my two Among us ocs Pepper (black) and Mint (light green) to this song. yes there is kind of a backstory to this, basically pepper and mint are two imposters who are BFFS who go from ship to ship taking out crewmates with their sneaky tactics, manipulation, and sabotaging.
btw that run cycle of pink down the hall was inspired by sad-ist:
this animation was inspired by my friend Parker! she made a video singing this as her among us oc pls go support her shes a really good friend:
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Song from the musical "Hamilton" written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (a literal god)
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  • watch part 2: PLEASE READ: i am fully aware that at the end of the game a 2v2 player scenario would immediately claim the imposters victory. However, due to stress and school and just my overall absence of time management, I only noticed this mistake after I finished the storyboard. I do want to say that my family and I play a similar game to Among us called “Mafia” and there have been situations where it’s gotten down to a 2 mafia vs 1 villager type scenario where we don’t know who’s who. Thats the gig I was working off of, sorry for the inaccuracy and confusion in this video. Tysm for all the kind and supportive comments about this! 💘💝💓💖😩👊

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  • I guess Black is now Spiderman? But Venomized? Lol... 00:46 is where it is

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  • It's so sad when pink gets double Crossed and the one thing that makes no sense is theres only four of them

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  • When they killed pink they normally must win. It can't be 2 impostors with 2 crewmates left because they can easily double kill and win.

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