One month after rescuing stray cat!

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One month update after we trapped this stray cat! We named her Pichi and she's nervous but she's made a lot of progress!
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    Adan AvilesAdan Aviles2 tuntia sitten
  • For some reason the featherduster petting the cat cracks me up! 🤣

    Lily Rose Soul007Lily Rose Soul0072 tuntia sitten
  • Ummm is she gonna get an eye patch?

    We'll Change That IDKWe'll Change That IDK5 tuntia sitten
  • I love you guys 😭❤

    Lia PhoenixLia Phoenix6 tuntia sitten
  • Soooo likke poki meh

    mazlan sallehmazlan salleh6 tuntia sitten
  • Bless you for being such a wonderful human. Pichi is adorable and I hope she gets a furever home.

    KrispiKrispi8 tuntia sitten
  • Thank you sm for doing this!! You are very kind. Every cat deserves a chance in life, and i’m happy that you put in so much effort to show Pichi what a loving home is like. Good luck to you guys! Hope your bond grows even stronger every day.

    Matcha NoobMatcha Noob8 tuntia sitten
  • 1:56 do I see overwatch in here? owo

    Troll Creative StudiosTroll Creative Studios9 tuntia sitten
  • ohhh a sister for your 3 boys!! 💖 I wish I could adopt more cats!

    Flavia KochFlavia Koch12 tuntia sitten
  • Thank you for picking this sweet baby up. It's clear she's suffered some hardships! My heart goes out to you Pichi. I hope you find your forever home! ピチちゃん、がんばって!

    Amelia RobertsAmelia Roberts14 tuntia sitten
  • Because we know you so well... I am happy that she has a wonderful forever home with you two.

    Kathryn MerrillKathryn Merrill14 tuntia sitten
  • What happened to her eye?

    Brynn LeeBrynn Lee16 tuntia sitten
  • Pichi is a beautiful kitty. She has found the right soul mates. I am happy for her good luck. I used to have 2 Siamese Mia and Ramses that loved car rides and would go hiking with me.

    S lamS lam17 tuntia sitten
  • NOOO Pichi means pee in Spanish 🥺

    • Micaela •• Micaela •20 tuntia sitten
  • 'she's welcome to come and live with us if she wants to' - ha knew it

    AussieAnnie62AussieAnnie6222 tuntia sitten
  • I thought her name was peachy at first.

    krisselissankrisselissanPäivä sitten
  • Omg ! Please keep her guys 😭😭😭😭 she’s beautiful ♥️ Thank you guys for watching after her

    N RojasN RojasPäivä sitten
  • I hate the smell of dogs and cats. I never imagined in my life I would ever own a pet. But a few days ago, I was on my computer when I heard constant meowing at my doorstep. I checked outside and saw this tiny emaciated kitten, sheltering outside feeling hungry, and cold in the rainy weather. I brought out some warm milk and wrapped her in some rags. But still I left her outside. I was satisfied that I had done the minimally decent thing to do in the situation. I did find out later, after a quick google search, that, despite what I learned from watching Tom and Jerry, milk is actually bad for kitties. I cooked some eggs instead later that night when I had to feed her again to appease her from meowing. While she was eating from the plate, I took a video of her to show to my sister. That's when I noticed that she was also missing one eye and her other eye looked like it was heavily cataracted. I think it was on the second day, while watching her feeding, and very eager to get into my apartment, that I finally decided to adopt her. I finally let the poor stray come into my apartment. I ordered supplies from a petshop (they sent me wet catfood, kitten formula, cleaning solution, cotton buds, litter and a litter box) and I also tried to set up an appointment with a vet. After a week of taking care of her, it feels like such a hassle to clean up after her. Also I feel some apprehension as I have commitment issues and a deep and paralyzing fear of changing my routine to accommodate her. But that said I'm also a firm believer in fate and serendipity. That this is a fateful encounter and I'm just moved by a desire to give the poor soul a good chance at a happy life. Watching all these cat videos help me calm my nerves after adopting my pet. I hope everything turns out well for them.

    Mario RoseteMario RosetePäivä sitten
    • It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed or wonder if you made the wrong decision for the first little while. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get into the routine of things and teach the new kitty how to behave indoors and build up that bond together. But once you do it’s so worth it! When we first brought Poki home he ate our pet fish (and then threw it up) and scratched Jun’s cornea so he had to wear an eye patch for a while. He screamed all night to the point we were worried it might bother the neighbors! I kept thinking “what did I get myself into”. But he quickly adapted to our schedule and started sleeping at night, and learned not to cause so much trouble. Now he cuddles with me all night long and I love him to death like my baby! Pro-tip for the smell: if you clean the cat’s litter every time she goes and clean out the entire litter box and replace it with new litter about once a month, there won’t be much smell if any at all! You can also add water to the kitty’s meals to make sure she drinks a lot of water to help dilute her pee so it smells less. (That’s also better for her kidneys anyway!) Good on you for taking her in, and congrats on your new family member! I’m sure before you know it you won’t be able to imagine your life without her. :)

      Rachel & Jun's Adventures!Rachel & Jun's Adventures!Päivä sitten
  • Her coat and colour is so beautiful

    Memer MonMemer MonPäivä sitten
  • Is that overwatcg??

    Dominic PauDominic PauPäivä sitten
  • I had nystagmus come up when I was last hospitalized. It was a side effect of some of the medications I was on and it made me so dizzy I had to keep my eyes closed for a few days. I’m glad the kitty only has a minor case. She’s beautiful.

    Eli LittleEli LittlePäivä sitten
  • and squish the cat

    Colin RoskosColin RoskosPäivä sitten
  • I got a cat 5 years ago from the shelter th Tat lived in a cat hoarder house. The other cats would bully her and she would hide in the cabinets. She wouldn't come out of her hiding hole at the shelter but the way she leaned into my hand when I pet her made me have to get her. She lived under my bed for a month and then one day just hopped on my bed and lied down on me. I never thought she'd be as happy and calm as she is now but im so happy I was able to help her. She is still pretty skittish, but if its just me in the house she is almost a normal cat. I love her more than anything

    J RJ RPäivä sitten
  • "you just gotta let a cat be whatever kinda cat it wants to be." i second this so much!! my mom thinks my cat is bipolar but she's just hyper, energetic, and gets overstimulated easily when pet. i started noticing that when she was around 6 months old or so, and by the time she was a year old i realized it wasn't just kitten energy that would fade, and that this is just who she is. i wanted a cuddly lap cat, but i also wanted other things that she wasn't either (male silver tabby is what i'd always wanted, but she's a regular tabby). i often say she's not what i wanted, but she's what i needed. i've accepted that she's crazy, she's hyper, and she won't cuddle or tolerate being pet much. i've also learned how she shows love, though - we wink/blink at each other a good deal, she brings me toys when she wants to play, and she loves to be right up in whatever i'm doing. i love her too much to not accept her as she is, and dropping her off in a shelter is something i physically couldn't do. she's my child, in every sense pretty much, and a mother doesn't abandon her kid just because they aren't who she wanted them to be. besides, she's named after freddie mercury, so i kind of brought this on myself. but hey, at least she's fabulous!

    mscaptmarvmscaptmarvPäivä sitten
  • I think I would be strangely sad if she doesn't end up living with you forever😶😅😅 (But that's probably just me, being selfish, 'cause I want to keep seeing her🤣😹💜) She's gorgeous! I'm so glad she's doing okay!!! Wishing only the best for her & her future, wherever it does or doesn't lead her! I have a cat with very similar coloring & pattern; his name is Creme-Puff^--^ LOLL ((He's about 1½yrs old, give or take a few months, I'm too lazy to check the calendar r/n🤣🤣)) I always get this big soft spot for kitties with similarities to my own.🤭💜💜💜 Loll

    Jaginaia ElectrizsJaginaia ElectrizsPäivä sitten
  • I was surprised that you were even able to hold her paw while eating. Cats generally don't like that. Keep building that positive association.

    HimuraMai; the Literal Dragon.HimuraMai; the Literal Dragon.Päivä sitten
  • After watching your most recent video, I just had to rewatch this one. Pichi in your home just warms my heart so much. Thank you, Rachel and Jun!!

    Jessica WoodJessica WoodPäivä sitten
  • "She's welcome to live with us forever" Awww, my heart.... thank you so much for being willing to keep this sweet little muffin!

    BonesBonesPäivä sitten
  • Animal people with a sick or newly rescued animal: Yay! You peed! Ooo, and pooped! Body systems check!

    PeregrinationPeregrinationPäivä sitten
  • when adopted stray cat has better life than you... *manifesting to reborn as jun and rachel cat*

    calicocatcalicocatPäivä sitten
  • It's so sad but out where I live people dump their unwanted pets all the time. Growing up Ive only ever had dumpped pets. Most were almost dead from starving. The amount of work that goes into getting them back to normal is long. You guys are doing amazing for the kitty. I'm glad there are others trying to help the unwanted pets.

    NapTimeNapTimePäivä sitten
  • When you said Pichi is similar to Poki i thought she'd chill on the trash can pulling things outta it

    Katherine IvanovKatherine IvanovPäivä sitten
  • I have a snowshoe I found her on the streets. Shes probably the most bossy cat I have ever met. She finds places of power threw out the house and monitors and manages all the other cats and people. She’s a Bossy bossy lady but super sweet as well.

    Natalie IliadisNatalie IliadisPäivä sitten
  • Its sad one eye is gone but atleast shes happy

    p f r o g pépep f r o g pépePäivä sitten
  • I'm currently working on my own stray kitty. Her name is Angel and she was dumped we think. She's come so far in 5 weeks that I think I'm going to attempt to introduce her to the indoors.

    Yuri HiranoYuri HiranoPäivä sitten
  • Ok. Next its been 3 weeks!

    Gypsy RoseGypsy Rose2 päivää sitten
  • I wish I were a stray cat adopted by Rachel and Jun 😭

    Li LoLi Lo2 päivää sitten
  • It is so great to see that she is doing so well. I took in two kittens who were born in a crack house, both boys (Levi and Keiji) adjusted well and became my babies. Sadly, Levi passed away due to a grand mal seizure at 2 years old. The vet said that there was nothing I could of done to help him and that he was greatly blessed to have a home and be loved unlike many other cats who never experience that. I miss him so much and I know his brother does too. Keiji is doing great and is one of the highlights of my day. Keiji is a Siamese Flame point and has the cross eyed thing going on and is so cute and cheeky. I love watching your cat videos and I certainly wish i could take Keiji out like Jun and you do, Rachel. I look forward to seeing more of how Pichi is doing. Please say Hello from us to all your fur babies. Jen

    Jennifer AustadJennifer Austad2 päivää sitten
  • Sometimes a lump can be a reaction from a vaccination. Did she recently have an injection in that area? My cat had a reaction like that and it took three weeks to a month to go away.

    mistariamistaria2 päivää sitten
  • Why would you clip a cat's nails? Sharp claws are both part of a cat's defense mechanism and also their dexterity of movement.

    SaraSara2 päivää sitten
  • how can you act like you care about stray cats getting adopted when you literally bought a purebred maine coon and norwegian forest cat when you couldve gotten one of a million stray cats that wouldve been just as great

    Jane ScontrinoJane Scontrino2 päivää sitten
  • Dang how many years ye been on FIworld? You still get the baby question? Anyways guys, my money's on the house hunt! Is it a house?

    Red_Light_Red_Light_2 päivää sitten
  • some advice from someone who also has a one eyed kitty; my cat loves to play and his favorite toys are all sparkly/shiny or they have a bell or some other noise maker. he plays a lot more with those toys than any of the other ones and its obviously easier for him to see/hear them. he does still have depth perception issues but i do too so lol

    NerdyKat19NerdyKat192 päivää sitten
  • Kitten Lady has some really great information on stray cats and kittens.

    AnnaAnna2 päivää sitten
  • I want a cat so bad but it wouldn’t be fair to my severely anxious dog

    Paige 1996Paige 19962 päivää sitten
  • i wish cats could tell their backstories

    Death TwilightDeath Twilight2 päivää sitten
  • amazing! I love you guys so much. Please keep us posted and up to date on pichi! she is adorable and so sweet.

    Maria McCownMaria McCown2 päivää sitten
  • TNR is a very poor solution to the feral cat problem. Japan has many beautiful and unique wild animals and cats left to fend for themselves often end up injured or killed.

    Alder SalmonAlder Salmon3 päivää sitten
  • I hope y'all can get to 1million subs here soon💚

    reolli :3reolli :33 päivää sitten
  • Some one give a job to Rachel and Jun before they adopt another cat.😐

    irfan ilhanirfan ilhan3 päivää sitten
  • Oo its been so long since ive watched ur videos and i see a new cat

    Some guySome guy3 päivää sitten
  • Such wonderful, selfless people for helping her ❤️

    Brelyn WillisBrelyn Willis3 päivää sitten
  • Your videos never fail to cheer me up after a bad day, thanks for that 💙

    gdruin28 ytgdruin28 yt3 päivää sitten
  • Theyve given her a nameeeee And them talking about how Japan is more selective about pets makes me have a feeling that they are totally going to end up adopting this kitty.

    Normally-UnnaturalNormally-Unnatural3 päivää sitten
  • Rachel: So we wanted a name that kinda matches his Me: Moki Rachel: Pichi Me: Oh ok 👁👄👁

    Amanda TeohAmanda Teoh4 päivää sitten
  • thanks for helping this cute cat. i‘m so happy she‘s opening up and getting comfortable in her space. good luck with this sweet kitty 😻

    kisn pisnkisn pisn4 päivää sitten
  • Finelly they got one cat that is a girl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mhmh HafMhmh Haf4 päivää sitten
  • Can someone link to that twitter thread Rachel mentioned about cats? TIA

    MariposaGal19MariposaGal194 päivää sitten
  • Rachel : pichi was really scared of humans pichi : humans are so dumb they're not worth interacting with. I literally took a dumb and got complicated.

    Gabriel GoardyGabriel Goardy4 päivää sitten
  • Sooooooooo we got another poki?

    GrantLZGrantLZ5 päivää sitten
  • This made me cry, you guys are really so sweet for taking this baby in and healing her

    Holley NHolley N5 päivää sitten
  • PokImAnE

    RYAN SarangthemRYAN Sarangthem5 päivää sitten
  • So you found another air raid siren

    Jayloyd23Jayloyd235 päivää sitten
  • Ohhh God I thought u guys broke up

    Xcilent 27Xcilent 275 päivää sitten
  • Sorry you probably see hundreds of comments like this but I used to follow Rachel and Jun so much. Is there any reason they haven't uploaded to their main chennel for some time? At least they're still active on all the other ones!

    Molly MacDonaldMolly MacDonald5 päivää sitten
  • Ha I have more cats than you

    Fredrick The AlienFredrick The Alien5 päivää sitten
  • You two should do a tik tok!

    Virus BuggyVirus Buggy5 päivää sitten
  • I don't think she was stray cat, but was abandoned. She is a snowshoe rare breed.

    S CTS CT5 päivää sitten
  • You guys will have more cats then human family members lol

    Lou BooLou Boo5 päivää sitten
  • does she have lice fleas

    Hailey YokHailey Yok5 päivää sitten
  • When I was a little kid I wrote something on the wall and I wrote "pici" (I pronounced it "pichi" with a small pitched voice. And yes, I still remember it.) on the wall, I dont even know what that means when I was little, me and my mom still laughing about how my childhood is weird and me writing gibberish on the walls, after I drew it, forward to like 8/9 I think years later, I forgot that I used to watch this channel alot, checked it, clicked this video, I heard "So we ended up naming the cat Pichi" and now I want to die from laughter.

    ADEK TEPINADEK TEPIN5 päivää sitten
  • Me in Jenna's tone: pichi girl ❤️

    Najifa TabassumNajifa Tabassum5 päivää sitten
  • Rachel is really good at narrating

    Quick-Sword IlenaQuick-Sword Ilena5 päivää sitten
  • My sister's original Siamese cat's eyes did that, even as a kitten.

    Ronald BurgessRonald Burgess6 päivää sitten
  • damn you really just knew the word nystagmus huh? my vet student soul is singing rn

    h .chenh .chen6 päivää sitten
  • pichi is so pretty! i hope she’ll stay with you forever💓

    SusieSusie6 päivää sitten
  • Respect for being so active in rescueing abandoned cats. You guys are amazing!!!!

    DaLong88DaLong886 päivää sitten
  • My grandfather has Nystagmus

    Ultra_axe781Ultra_axe7816 päivää sitten
  • I would say keep her if it isnt to much trouble, i still remember when you found poki, and i love how far he´s come

    Ultra_axe781Ultra_axe7816 päivää sitten
  • Pichi and Poki is like the EEEE

    Sincerly BaconSincerly Bacon6 päivää sitten
  • Question.. and you can ignore it if you've answered it before. Maybe tell me what video you've answered it.. but what is your opinion on the LGBTQIA+ community? I'm honestly curious. I absolutely LOVE Rachel and Juns videos

    aj the 123432 irontigeraj the 123432 irontiger7 päivää sitten
  • “...She is welcome to live here with us forever.” Woo! The bois get a sister cat!

    LadyKokoLadyKoko7 päivää sitten
  • You watch Designated Survivor? I watch designated survivor! 2:12

    Nathan LinNathan Lin7 päivää sitten
  • I'm kind of obsessed with watching Pichi! She seems like such a sweetie....

    Dominique McKinneyDominique McKinney7 päivää sitten
  • wow! you are really a cat angel!

    0oZzZzZo00oZzZzZo07 päivää sitten
  • I feel bad for that 🐱

    Alexzandra CantuAlexzandra Cantu7 päivää sitten
  • 1 female 3 males??? Wowwww

    BLM XgalaxBLM Xgalax7 päivää sitten
  • uuuh u play overwatch?

    LokomotoLokomoto7 päivää sitten
  • Takes a lot of patience and love to get traumatized animals to trust and bond again. You guys truly care 😊

    Vishy SidVishy Sid7 päivää sitten
  • Awww I wish I had a cat

    Emma SeddonEmma Seddon7 päivää sitten
  • Could you maybe (pretty please) organize your playlists in chronological order? Would make binging easier :)

    Abyssic1Abyssic17 päivää sitten
  • Looking for another updates from Pichi! she is adorable 🥺💗

    space otterspace otter8 päivää sitten
  • hi I have been a subscriber of the channel for a while and was wondering if I could send some fan mail and I wasn't sure if your address was updated or not because I don't want to send to the wrong address thank you

    Cody Gaming OfficialCody Gaming Official8 päivää sitten
  • Omg I really hope they keep her.

    UnluckyAmuletUnluckyAmulet8 päivää sitten
  • You should keep Pichi! Shes so cute!

    All For OneAll For One8 päivää sitten
  • 日本語で観たいです……

    tanigawa sukejirohtanigawa sukejiroh8 päivää sitten
  • Bless you for what you have done. My friends cat have CH and put him a disadvantage getting adopted but they took him in anyway and he is such a sweet and loving cat and makes everyone laugh.

    Shadow Star13Shadow Star138 päivää sitten
  • You should keep this precious little baby kitty

    Random PersonRandom Person8 päivää sitten
  • AAAWWW Congrats on yuor fourth cat. But seriously, I don't know if I'm PMS-ing or what but this video teared me up. :( I feel so bad for all the cats with no homes. :(

    Sarah CarlosSarah Carlos8 päivää sitten
  • Ahaha I love when you pet her with the duster

    HelloKittyCuttie3HelloKittyCuttie38 päivää sitten