Game Theory: SOLVING POKEMON'S BIGGEST MYSTERY - Where They *Really* Come From...

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Happy 25th Birthady, Pokemon!
I have been studying the Pokemon video game franchise for decades right, and have finally found the answer to Pokemon's greatest unanswered question:
Where tf do all those new Pokemon keep popping up from?
Who cares about $1,000,000 pokemon cards and Logan Paul, that's for children; this is a video for SCIENCE! I am now Professor Oak.
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Summary: Pokemon game theory that will blow your pants off.

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  • dude died for 9 months and comes back with a game theory episode

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  • That was actually... big brain

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  • i need lore proof and legendary proof cus lore contradicts

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  • 9:17 I thought the queen and megan were opps

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  • GradeAUnderA: *Explanation Video* Pokèmon in-universe: Gene Splicing? Sounds like Team Rocket Pokèmon Writers: Sounds About Right But You Will Never Know Our Secret

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  • I think you’re overthinking it

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  • Pokemon come from space... Also, should you have ratted out the corporates

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  • look at the queen at 12:28

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  • gen 5 straight up has a gene splicer for Kyurem

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  • Evolution!!!!

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  • Greatest Anime comebacks

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  • Forgetting Zekrom/Reshiram splicing? Even USUM legendaries. No, they literally dropped the "only 151" and retconned to "per region". Not even mentioning their types changing from Oddish and Jigglypuff to changing their types. Pokemon all evolved from Mew, hence Mew learns all moves. It's not that they're quarantined from each other, it's that the Dex only has Pokemon for that region. Hence Ash's Unova Pokedex couldn't ID a helioptile or gogoat. They retconned. That's the explanation. You don't know about every food in Japan McDonald's, so when you look at your UK or menu, you see fish and chips. Same way the Japanese menu has only Japanese stuff. Bill was trying to work on transporters. That's what he does. He made the storage system, which uses the transporters. He's also a generic Pokemon sprite. That's why there are statues of this sprite everywhere.

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  • Not only that, but that talking Pokémon is sentient. . .

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  • Here is some lore that will make some people sick, in the past of the pokemon world, humans use to marry and mate with pokemon, it is canon.

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  • Man spend 9 months thinking about it and theorizing it That's why it took him this long to upload it

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  • Also, in the Detective Pikachu movie, the whole point was that the pikachu was the kids dad fused with that pikachu😳😳 Like so grade can see

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  • Pokemon = Jurassic Park

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  • I think he might actually has a point

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  • we got from season 2 to season 5 in 10 videos

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  • GradeAUnderA is a genius

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  • Or you know other pokemon are on other places

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  • Maybe he actually got pregnant, and maybe he just used a voice changer to hide his feminine voice...?

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  • Completely valid theory. Can tell he was a teacher

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  • Looks like this theory was disproved pretty quickly with the pokemon legends arceus trailer

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  • POKEMON HEADQUARTERS: Damm they finally figured it out after so long we got away with it for so long, well time to disappear

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  • Are you sure it's not just the animators being lazy and copy and pasting ideas to other pokemons

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  • This actually makes a lot of sense because in other generations there are also examples of scientists mixing pokemon DNA (Genesect, TypeNull and Silvally, Gen 8 fossils), but I think the real answer is a mix of this, certain species only liking the environment of certain places, and some pokemon just being illegal in various regions

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  • 6:45

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  • Bruh All you had to say was.... "Pokémon the first movie" that was all the evidence you needed because Mewtwo was messing with Pokemon DNA in that movie so.....

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  • Investigate on why poliwhirl (a literal pokemon ball) has rule 34

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  • Why did he not talk about Butterfree and Venonat?

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  • My nephew just sent me this video. As a PoGo player this guy is spot on facts. SUBSCRIBED!

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  • You're traveling to different parts of the world to see these new pokemon? Lol Just like when you go to different states or countries, there are different animals, insects, etc. as well as some you have where you live. Not really a mystery but fun video

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  • It can safely be assumed Grade, that this is a 'theory' and not a 'hypothesis' as you've covered all the bases. With that said, the biggest issue with this theory is; 1: Why? There's just no real reason to create pokemons, infact pokemons are a big issue on the ecosystem(having eaten up all the original animals as per lore) 2: Arceus is inconvinient for this theory 3: The artificially created pokemon(through cloning or otherwise) are specified in the game, thereby are 'oddities'. Such as Voltorb\Electrode, banette, genesect, metwo, Porygon, magerana, etc. if all the pokemons were artifically made, then the artificially made ones wouldn't be 'oddities' and highligthed in the way they are.

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  • Ash just went on a whole rant to Pikachu during this video. Lol

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  • In Pokemon White 2 there are DNA Splicers to combine two legendary Pokemon into one and I've actually done it.

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  • all new pokemon are just ditto that got drunk and decided to turn into some weird ass form and couldnt turn back

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  • The Gen 8 games literally do this with the fossil pokémon.

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  • also the b/w legendary pokemon can fuse together (with the use of DNA splicers) which further validates this theory

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  • It’s kinda funny how he’s trying to prove this massive theory yet dna splicers already exist in later games

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  • Waiting for Boris, Breswter, & GradeA Crossover

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  • what if pokemon really died when ash was turned to stone and everything since then was in his stoned mind?

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  • More proof: The pokemon mansion basement and the logs in the mansion on Cinnabar Island

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