This Technology Removed MILLIONS of Plastics From The Ocean

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In this video, we will explore the extremely hard work undertaken by the incredible 4ocean. A dedicated team of engineers, thinkers and volunteers, testing and implementing innovative technology solutions to help our oceans and the planet breathe again. They find, collect, identify and recycle plastic using a range of boom systems, harbour skimmers and mobile skimmers worldwide. 4ocean is currently celebrating their 10 millionth pound of rubbish collected recently, so we thought we would explore and educate you on their mission to save the planet. We will also witness other fantastic innovative methods of working that are revolutionizing entire industries.
We hope you enjoy this review of Technology Removed MILLIONS of Plastics!

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  • What if the ocean cleaner at the start of the video is mandatorily installed on every water vessel on earth?? Permanently connected to the engine of every ship. Imagine how many tons of trash it will collect everyday around the world.

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