After 30 Years I Am Still 16

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  • All. S. Your. So. Nice

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  • Next title:i am 10000 years old i died but revived with the dragon balls

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  • New story: My dog was actually my mom

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  • I am also indian

  • I am in India do u know Hindi

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  • I am the biggest biggest biggest fan of this chanal😁

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  • I am from India now I live in America for job but I speak fluent English

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  • quick maths

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  • Oh my God I love that you are so cute my brother always watch my story animated I love you just be rude I love you I love you so much I can do her mommy go get like nasty DK I’m gonna try to be there she’s hanging out with me I hate Bianka and Damien I was love my story and made my uncle say it’s not real but I believe it is real and you are 17 I like that you are so beautiful the way you are if you’re fat and someone call you fat you’re not fat you’re pretty all of you are pretty I just love you my story animated you my my son my sunshine everything about you you are love you keep being where you are others love you I believe you’re 17 I believe you’re 17 Hamann Miguel though I didn’t mean to say that but I just really love you I will message you here are you real I want to see you in real life I’m in West Mrs. Arkansas and with the White House OK if they caught a police on you I’m a say wait I’m a say death my friend that’s who made the mass story animated star I love love you so much I wanna grow so bad I’m gonna cry so bad I love you so much better where are you foster baby I just love you that’s why I wrote a song about youYou so beautiful with the perfect way you are perhaps you are so beautiful you’re so beautiful whatever you do don’t call nobody if you get the boyfriend crushcrushcrush I didn’t mean to say that I heard you got a bully if you’re like me I love

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  • If someone complemented my birthmark I would just be concerned

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  • Wait wut I'm indian :-)

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  • The only thing that would be in my dreams is:Demons,Monsters,And the Hell it self.

    Dark MonsterDark Monster2 päivää sitten

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  • “Im 30 but im still 17” My brain:sorry. But my iq is to low to proccess this.

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  • After 30 year I am still 16 After 1B years, I am still 4

    MVH Gaming?MVH Gaming?2 päivää sitten
  • being in a coma for over 50 years is one of my biggest fears.

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  • Idiot idiot

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  • News: 46 year old is still 16 years old

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  • I’m Native American

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  • 🤣👍🏻. 😡👎🏻

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  • I love how this vid has like nothing to do with the thumbnail

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  • Cool

  • Ok

  • I dont believe this story !but i love it

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  • Hey girl we have something in common I am also indian I know how it feels but if you practice you will get it 🥳🥳🥳

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  • New story: my kids dad is a toaster and he tried to eat my kids

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  • I am Indian too

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  • Yay she is 17 even if she was in a coma for a long time

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  • Literally the story of comali

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    • Yes south indian film 🎥

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  • The fact this aint real

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  • Yeah I think that's called having a leap year birthday

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  • kill lucy

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  • oh hell and i oute hell

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  • Hello Indian I am an INDIAN

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  • Next story- I thought I was a human but I found out I was a turtle zombie

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  • Nico di Angelo is typing... after 84 years im still 11

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  • this is not real cuz the parents would of been died by now

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  • I became a pig when I was kissing my bf

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  • Make a part 2

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  • Who notice the chicka dance

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  • It's ok I am also an Indian an Indian and I watch English videos

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  • Go girlllll !!!❤️❤️❤️

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  • Omg I could get in a coma and wake up speaking Japanese omg 5:45 IM IN Just imagine all the anime you could watch without sub titles

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  • Meet you seen my hero back on my heel hog not the mahogany door team not Diamme clique you show me show meHelp I’m gonna P in my teams Nakalele

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  • OK how if it was old then why did she have a phone

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  • I am from India

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  • you:it will come thrue your nightmares me:im not like other people.i don't have nightmares

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  • 🐶

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  • She gust stole her boyfriend like that.

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  • Next story : I became immortal after reading a mysterious book

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  • Did you know that success is the greatest revenge😀

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  • wait why does her sister looks like lila from miracucolous ladybug?

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  • Next story: I woke up after 200 years and im still 15

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  • Look at the title, do some very basic math, look me in the eye, and tell me that makes sense

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  • Me seeing what she said :i dont care (sleeping) SCREAMS AFTER DREAMING

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  • I liked and subscribed 😳😳😳

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  • Did anyone realise at 9:05 that they spelt Coffee wrong?

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  • I fell sorry for her and her sister 😭☹️

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  • Lol they always use this girl voice on the videos sometimes I don't know why ┐(͡°ʖ̯͡°)┌??

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  • 😘👍

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  • being in coma is the worst thing, but hanging on the revenge for years if even worse

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  • her be like: my body is old but my heart is young

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  • Yujuujhjhtg

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  • 123456789101112

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  • 12345678910

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  • Who think her sister is like lie-la

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  • If your in a coma you shoude remember your past life....thats how it workk

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  • know

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  • No one

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  • I just randomly started watching Ching these videos and so addicted to it. Lol 😂. XD

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  • You go girl

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  • omg it’s like a story where a person is living a fairytale but it turns to hell

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  • Sister-oh no I can't come to hospital... You-why are you hanging out with nurses Sister-yes I am You-what the what

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  • Sister-oh no I can't come to hospital... You-why are you hanging out with nurses Sister-yes I am You-what the what

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  • Greg sucks

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  • ?? Lol

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  • Listen just cuz you have the mind of a 17 year old it still does not mean you are 30 physically is what counts not mentally

    Among SusAmong Sus17 päivää sitten
  • 0:14 to 0:17 :'( 2 mixed emotions. In 1 . I like video so fare. Dont want 2 give video like. Yet so u show up in my dreams . Lol happy ever after. N I wake up. N video plays .8:11 pushing like

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  • I'm 19

    bernie1980ifybernie1980ify17 päivää sitten
  • I am also an Indian!

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  • Next story: Lucy becomes a demon from hell

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  • Ohhhh Lucy's damned you in trouble

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  • I think your story is like south indian film 🎥 comalie

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  • Who would even believe that you turned into a bird 🐦😂🤣

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  • I thought that she was a leap year child. Hehehehe. Ohh myy gosh. She is an indian too

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  • I have a wife but im 14

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  • wtf is this

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  • So nise

    Alarice CorlettAlarice Corlett19 päivää sitten
  • Wow that’s just sad camera that that’s what happened to Cameron Boyce he never woke up after that

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    • What(O_O)

      ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔTøve ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔTösawʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔTøve ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔTösaw10 päivää sitten
  • Do you think i will be scared of you hahahah thats just makes me laugh

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  • Bro how do you have a phone if you live in a 1990s there was no phone

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  • "i might appear in your dreams if you don't like and subscribe" My dreams: cheemsburger

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  • I think she kinda looks the same

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  • Did I just found it funny🤦 ...

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