Solving a $25,000 FUTURISTIC Puzzle !! - (One of a Kind)

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Today, I'll be solving this Super High Tech $25,000 Puzzle box I had made by Labsterium. This is part 3 of the Future Me Saga, if you'd like to see parts 1 and 2 check the links below.
Part 1 Future Puzzle:
Part 2 Future Puzzle:
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  • ... I mean, for that amount of money... Really? If you want a riddle faaar more complicated than that, just dig up some old PC running Windows Millennium Edition and try to install a not previously installed printer from back then. That would give anyone a greater challenge, and need for pills as well. If you are really really lucky, you could maybe get the printer working (not printing, especially if we're talking about an inkjet printer from that era, as they rarely printed as expected, right out of the box).

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  • is there any part 4 in the future with another puzzle connected to this saga i hope there is :)

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  • And what about the key you got in the wooden box ?

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  • That was honestly the coolest puzzle ever

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  • As a matter of fact what, Chris? You cut out. This was awesome, though!

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  • You still haven’t posted a part two for your hazmat jigsaw puzzle from 6 months ago.

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  • After hearing that thing cost $25,000, I had to sit through all the ads without skipping to get him back some of those coins 😂

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  • Kind of seems like you know a lot of things you shouldn't, like is someone giving you instructions off screen or do you just already know how everything works? Also, where are the notes coming from? Are you cutting the camera and putting them in on your own?

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  • Don’t have buyers remorse this is a wonderful thing that only you own, they probably loved it and really enjoyed making it.

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