SML Movie: Zombie Jeffy!

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Jeffy turns into a zombie!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    • superbowserlogan is a great game but the game Itself has to play it all over again and the only thing I could play is that I play this I have been using this to work with the other apps that I’ve been able with my work as well but now I am unable and I can’t get it

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    • Grandpa

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  • Champion hats Amazon bee makeup

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  • dont talk about atl lol

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  • Can you please give jeffy pizza and other food

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  • Man this video hit views fast

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  • I have to start the game to start

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  • Jeffy:si papi si papi

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  • I thought jeffy would eat his green beans when he got transformed in a green bean by the green bean giant in jeffy and the beanstalk episode jeffy does not make promises

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  • That’s if ware of moneys

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  • Why why why why why why why why

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  • 👁👄👁

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  • 3:07 WTF WAS THAT

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  • [sml idea] jeffy has a dream of his father dies and he pretends not to see him and mario calls the docter and bruklyn t guy dosnt talk he just stares because he lost his voice in an arguement with his wife. mario now wants him to leave and gets mad because he dosnt know that he lost his voice. the rest is up to you

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  • Omg

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  • Uhhh either Aberham lincon, JFK, or your channel

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  • my dog ):

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  • Sml idea: Mario feeds Jeffy a different vegetable

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  • What I want to know how does Jeffy stay alive because he never eats his green beans?

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  • I hate jeffy he sucks he’s the worst character ever in all of sml I hate jeffy

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  • When is the other SNL movie coming

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  • Jacob is the one jeffy

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  • I bet you wont pin this comment sml

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  • Me

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  • Is it me or does Mario look more ugly when he have the glasses

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  • my mommy

  • it be interesting if Bowser Jr turned into a vampire after being bitten by a bat, cause he left the window open. also I'm not sure if it is fake or not, but I had found another superbowserlogan channel. but it doesn't have any subscribers. but it only seems to have three videos so far, but it doesn't match with the titles. and I know they are still your videos, and the Stats on it says Joined December 1, 2020. and this superbowserlogan channel is way older than that and well here is a link to it --> I don't know if you already know about it or not, I just found out today. and I thought you should know. I don't know if temporally changing the name superbowserlogan to superkingbowserlogan, will keep it safe. but if that other superbowserlogan channel isn't by you or someone you work closely with, then it might be someone who is trying to copy you. I hope you understand why I felt I had to tell you about it. as for the the whole Bowser Jr turning into a vampire, can't help but picture Cody trying to get bit by Vampire-Bowser Jr but he just ignores him and goes after someone else. I hope your superbowserlogan channel will be able to stay safe and everything works out. the ending to Zombie Jeffy did surprise me, I did NOT see that coming. I loved this. XD

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  • Oh my oh my God he literally just choked Jeffy to his last breath he is so dumb like you can't force the kid to eat green beans like I don't even like green beans and I eat them anyways

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  • JEFFY😟💀😿🇩🇪😭

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  • wo heres watching ths in 2022

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  • Love your videos

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  • 14:16 Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me

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    • I took A BIG SHIT IN DA SHED

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  • yup

  • Who else thinks this video is PP? 👇

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  • there need to be some episodes where jeffy doesn't get away with his events

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  • 0:23

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  • Yeet

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  • In The Super Mario World Cartoon Peach Always Fed Mario Healthy Food And He Kept Whining About It And Years Later Mario Made Jeffy Suffer The Time He Had That Time And Kept Feeding Jeffy Green Beans Why? He Shoudn't Do To Jeffy What Peach Did To Mario That Time

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  • :( 201k :) 7.2k

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  • SML idea Mario stops feeding Jeffy green beans all the time

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    • That sounds like such a good idea Jeffy doesn't deserve to only green beans he needs to actually help you food what besides green beans

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  • i didn't notice him throwing the plate lmfao

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  • Sup man I'm good and you

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  • 9:56 Jeffy Zombie 10:14 Jeffy said ROOOOOOOOOOOAR

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  • Here's why kids dont eat green beans...

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  • Jeffy is a noob I like green beans and he doesn't

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  • Your time is limited.

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  • lol

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  • Yeah this FIworld Channel is PP

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  • I love his FIworld Channel IT'S amazing

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  • My dog ozzy

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  • Pp

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  • Sup Jeffy

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  • I came for some nostalgia soooo ima go to sml

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  • i hate mario everytime something touches him thats nasty he is spits or wipes it off on people

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  • New eps

  • New rpss

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  • Remember back about like 2018 when Mario hated Jeffy and he would be so happy that he died

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  • Mario get paid aye

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  • Wouldn't he get paid stupid motherfuckers

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  • The first thing that I could see if you could get your own place

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  • fuck you jeffy

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  • This is the Scaryest SML vedio 🙊🙊

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  • Sml movie idea:Jeffy eats different

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  • SML IDEAS Cody Moves In! Jeffy’s Treehouse! The Band! Bowser Junior’s Clubhouse! Chef Pee Pee’s Cooking Show! Jeffy The Zombie! lol glider wrote that and one of the became true

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  • 9:56 that is terrefying 😱😱😱

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  • woodpecker

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  • You’re funny

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  • When jeffy said ohhhh you're back made me did out of laughter

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  • when he said you don't want them getting a nasty suprise if they try to put a pool in. I Imeadiately thought of poltergeist 1982.

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  • shrek comes out the porta potty Shrek: SOMEBODY WANTS TOLD ME

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  • Jeffy Doesn't like green beans I don't like brussel sprout's

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  • 🥙🍖🍑

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  • Lol lol poor jeffyyy

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  • 14:10 they all laughed

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  • This is so creepy

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  • Fa mario

  • F. Mario

  • me

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  • I no righr

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  • This is 13+

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  • were is the zombie jeffy puppet hum?;((

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  • I think this video is pp duh bruh

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  • my friend duh dud

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  • Rosalina sucks in every sml video.

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  • Poor Jeffy

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  • 0:17 - 0:39 is so funny

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  • Am I the only one that thinks at 3:32 Mario turns into Rambo from first blood

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    • LOL kinda true

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  • Killer mario vs killer bean

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  • Stop making family friendly content

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  • I want my grampa back he ..he..died😰😫😓😭

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  • 14:06 to 14:13 i was laughing because they broke character

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  • J:jingle bells E:elephant F: fly F: frog Y: yo-yo

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  • R.I.P jeffy 1990-2020

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  • So anyone not gonna y’all about kable10’s version of this video

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  • 14:16

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