13 Ways to Sneak Food into the Pool!

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During rest, you always want to eat. The pool is no exception. But how do you get food in if the guards are very strict? The simplest and coolest life hacks are in our video today.

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  • Life guard : not a single candy will past Me : dose it count if soda 🥤 passes

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  • How do you get out of the pool

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  • why would u put the candy in water?

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  • I like candy 🍭 sweet girl vs vegetables girl

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  • Why don’t you do so many videos of you sneaking in pools Food please Junction well can you do this for all the kids in this world to have a great movie and you can actually have a great FIworld videos look at the person imagine you being a star you could with so much candy and stuff that’s how nobody will tell you what to do😋😯

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  • The guard eating food

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  • My favorite part is when does the girl put on the chips life vest because he has lots of chip bags

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  • Guard:You are in big trouble.me:*cries.

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  • Guy is secret and selling food: ok I will give u this for ur hat want any thing else girl: ya I will have the chips guy: takes smart phone* girl: hey well it’s worth it

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  • watermelon in ball cool

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  • Poofy hair girl:Oh well it was worth my 199 dollar smart phone for a stupid piece of candy and chips.me:I’m dieng for an IPhone LITTRALLY

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