The UFC needs to make Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya right now - Ariel Helwani | ESPN MMA

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DC & Helwani react to the beef between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya which was amplified last week over social media. Ariel Helwani says the UFC needs to make the fight between the two this year. Daniel Cormier discusses the trash talk that Adesanya said about Jones, saying that talking about someone’s family should be off limits.
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  • Family Race and religion and politics should be off limits

    Savina NelsonSavina Nelson5 päivää sitten
  • WooHoo Dec 12

    Savina NelsonSavina Nelson5 päivää sitten
  • This would be a good fight

    Amier AAmier A21 päivä sitten
  • Funny how DC got annoyed when they started talking about Jones and then randomly smiled

    CrazyCrazy25 päivää sitten
  • Jones is going to destroy him

    Shoaib AfzalShoaib Afzal26 päivää sitten
  • The style-bender vs the coke-bender

    Bryce FBryce F27 päivää sitten
  • I'm an Izzy fan and I'd pick him over Jon Jones. But Jones is scary and he'll be Izzy's greatest challenge.

    ZP ChitekaZP Chiteka29 päivää sitten
  • Jones most likely takes the win on this one . Some have faith in their Izzy but this ain't the one lol 🤣

    Crystal ArreguinCrystal ArreguinUukausi sitten
  • This fight needs happen !!

    Daniel PerezDaniel PerezUukausi sitten
  • 195

    Duke DanglesDuke DanglesUukausi sitten
  • Test Jones first! No dope, Izzy wins easily. Can Jon not cheat? Doubtful. Jones should be erased from UFC history. Fraud!

    Todd WoodTodd WoodUukausi sitten
  • Jon Jones is scared of entering heavy weight because of Francis Ngano

    Outside The BoxOutside The BoxUukausi sitten
  • Jon jones all day long..!!!

    Hassel ChiassonHassel ChiassonUukausi sitten

    Jimmy The FoolJimmy The FoolUukausi sitten
  • Izzy is an amazing fighter but I can't see him beat Jones.

    The GR81The GR81Uukausi sitten
  • Jones has been bulking for HW for the last number of months. Is he supposed to just cut all that bulk in order to go back to 205 to fight Izzy for a one off?

    DreaklockDreaklockUukausi sitten
  • I guess people don’t realize that weight classes exist for a reason

    Shadow BoxingShadow BoxingUukausi sitten
  • I love DC I’m a huge fan. But he’s starts to sound so corny when he talks about Jon.

    Harvey HopkinsHarvey HopkinsUukausi sitten
  • Both of you here are sick do you people think Izzy can beat Jones .. Guys stop dreaming about it Jones will kill Izzy brah .

    Cimeries ArmstrongCimeries ArmstrongUukausi sitten
  • I wanna see this fight! JJ has more to lose though. But JJ will likely destroys 🇮🇱 Adesanya.

    Huỳnh Huy Linh University of LIFEHuỳnh Huy Linh University of LIFEUukausi sitten
  • Until. I see Jones get beat he is still the baddest muda fuka 👊

    andy mackaandy mackaUukausi sitten
  • Why would izzy fight a has been cheat?

    l xl xUukausi sitten
  • I think Jones dismantles IZZY in a bad way. Jones bested everybody without much effort, a focused Jones is savage. If Gastelum pieced up IZZY, what the heck do you think Jones will do. It will be competitive but Izzy gets finished. DC : I love ya, but you crazy Ariel: wishful thinking.

    Glidden RiveraGlidden RiveraUukausi sitten
  • DC so sneaky lol

    elevenADelevenADUukausi sitten
  • Jon jones is going to punish that dude if they meet up

    zack hopkinszack hopkinsUukausi sitten
  • omg, can we please stop with all this izzy and jones drama. the fight would make no sense!

    sailorjayrsailorjayrUukausi sitten
  • That would be another Izzy Romero boring fight. Same style, will circle each other all night.

    The TruthThe TruthUukausi sitten
  • Ariel: That has to be the ugliest it has ever gotten between u2 FIworld Vid of DC telling Jones he will spit in his face and Jones telling DC he would murder him if he did: am i a joke to u

    sun flowersun flowerUukausi sitten
  • Izzy gona sleep him

    Jeron WilliamsJeron WilliamsUukausi sitten
  • Izzy is one of my favorite UFC fighters but he's not beating Jon Jones

    Derland JamesDerland JamesUukausi sitten
  • literally would be fight of 2020

    nolanyoutubenolanyoutubeUukausi sitten
  • Does izzy have any idea who jones is, Izzy you good but you have lots of work to do before the king takes you serious.

  • This fight is unavoidably necessitated for obvious reasons 🤔

    Claudius GordonClaudius GordonUukausi sitten
  • Izzy barely beat a 40 year old one legged Anderson silva, and struggled with a very short kelvin... Jon Jones wins this easily.

    Edward E. JREdward E. JRUukausi sitten
    • Prince Zane I agree with everything except for the not wanting to go all out on Silva. First let me just say, that was a very exciting fight. But Izzy throwing those head kicks and Silva ducking is not Izzy going all out? He was looking to take his head off. Lol 😂

      Edward E. JREdward E. JR9 päivää sitten
    • The silva fight was more of izzy not wanting to go all out on someone who he looked up to and admired. Kelvin was his first true test to see if he was the real deal to and he proved his worth. Which led to him beating Whitaker becoming champion now, dominated Casto. If he moves up to LHW (I think he is) and beat the current champion. That'll just add more to his resume.

      Prince ZanePrince Zane9 päivää sitten
  • If jones loses to Izzy... I’d be okay with that. The torch is passed and greatness of Izzy is done. Jones gets to set his legacy off and goes heavyweight.

    TurtleHouseTurtleHouseUukausi sitten
  • DC is clown !!!

    Krzysztof SobestoKrzysztof SobestoUukausi sitten
  • At what age does a kid become an adult in the United states?

    Yang LiangYang LiangUukausi sitten
  • Dc is so sad he could never beat Jones!

    Johnny LeeJohnny LeeUukausi sitten
  • Why? Two title fights! Please tell me how he deserves a fight with Jon Jones? Besides money that UfC would make!

    Vasilios GatsiopoulosVasilios GatsiopoulosUukausi sitten
  • like both fighters, but if izzy moves up he is going to get destroyed. Bones will walk right through anything izzy throws and grab him...and murder him.

    Rocket From Da CrypToeRocket From Da CrypToeUukausi sitten
  • Jones is a dork. Left the LHW division to move up to HW but now he wants to fight a middleweight. Loser

    Kevin GKevin GUukausi sitten
  • What I’ve already was: I just see Jon too big once he gets ahold of him I just see Izzy getting rag dolled. What’s interesting however is how the kickboxing match would play out, Jon hasn’t fought someone with the kickboxing caliber of Izzys (nor size that can clearly reach Jon). Izzy has definitely earned my respect and most definitely is a bad man in the cage, in the PC vs Whittaker I asked why he didn’t need to fight Yoel, what did Izzy do? He beats Whittaker then comes back to fight and beat Yoel then Costa. We’ll see what happens.

    Josue CamarilloJosue CamarilloUukausi sitten
  • Right now? And what about blachowicz?

    Filippo82LivornoFilippo82LivornoUukausi sitten
  • Jones has to come down to Israel's weight class, simple.

    Mi NMi NUukausi sitten
    • Why?

      Vasilios GatsiopoulosVasilios GatsiopoulosUukausi sitten
  • When Jones wins.....your premises will be so screwed. You lack neutrality as journalist and commentators. If you could beat him, you would have DC. The only thing Izzy will brag about later after a loss is how young he is and the money he's earned. I have seen this movie before

    Jamie ChaseJamie ChaseUukausi sitten
  • Izzy and Jones at 205 is the fight. I give Jones the edge, but it would be Jones' biggest test. The real fight we'd all like to see is Jones vs Ngannou. Won't happen....I'm pretty sure everyone's scared of fighting The Predator.

    wreckimwreckimUukausi sitten
  • Will be a huge fight .. Old G.o.a.t vs young g.o.a.t

    onion peelingonion peelingUukausi sitten
  • Izzy should be left out of any conversation to fight Jones now. Jones is a Jealous predator looking for a young rising shinning star Izzy to have a dent on. Izzy is still learning and would be ready for Jones by Dec2021.

    Emmanuel TomEmmanuel TomUukausi sitten
  • It won’t happen this year. Maybe not even next year depending on if Jones goes out and starts winning fights at heavyweight.

    William BalentineWilliam BalentineUukausi sitten
  • Jon would drown Izzy and submit him in the most ruthless fashion

    kodak whitekodak whiteUukausi sitten
  • We don't want the fight now. We want it when the AUDIENCE is back. After the octagon is open FOR THE AUDIENCE. After corona.

    GbaadeGbaadeUukausi sitten
  • I aint gone lie izzy a special kicker but jones a different beast, people attented to forget jones fight better with bigger competition with a name. DC hating on jones because he can't beat him so he's wishing izzy does 🤣🤣🤣👎🏾 thats how it comes off to me.

    marquis wilkersonmarquis wilkersonUukausi sitten
  • DC secretly mirin Jones more than anyone for one reason only, Jones has the genetics DC dreamed of.

    Sean CooSean CooUukausi sitten
  • I hate jones and adesanya so it'd be nice if one of them lost

    Jacob NairJacob NairUukausi sitten
  • 😂😂is funny the las part.. you’re great guys

    Jacobo FloresJacobo FloresUukausi sitten
  • Broooo Izzy is 31 not 24 smh

    Perceptionist /Perceptionist /Uukausi sitten
  • Jones all the way!!

    Sam MilunSam MilunUukausi sitten
  • Nope not yet. At the end of next year.

    7SENT7SENTUukausi sitten
  • Izzy will not fight jones

    MR_DANKBUDZ_206MR_DANKBUDZ_206Uukausi sitten
  • DC and Ariel should be fired for thinking Izzy will beat Jon

    MR_DANKBUDZ_206MR_DANKBUDZ_206Uukausi sitten
  • A fan of both izzy and jones but you don't mention someones mother especially when they passed away, he broke the code

    Dennis KMDennis KMUukausi sitten
  • Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon 1) vs. Bruce Willis (Die Hard 1)............ who wins??? How and why.

    The Unpopular OpinionThe Unpopular OpinionUukausi sitten
  • Dc is such a salty soy boy

    MateoMateoUukausi sitten
  • It will be hotter than right now if they keep winning, you gotta stop tryna gas it and Adesanya said he wants to become more of a veteran.

    Daniel UrbinaDaniel UrbinaUukausi sitten
  • I thought Jones was roasting Izzy better

    Adaptive AussieAdaptive AussieUukausi sitten
  • Jones will DOGG him ... to ahead of the game with grappling and anything else

    americanshottasamericanshottasUukausi sitten
  • So dbol vs SARMs? Should be a good fight

    Kurt BuehlerKurt BuehlerUukausi sitten
  • Adesanya is just riding on Jones greatness that is why he keeps mentioning his name but unwilling to fight him. DC is looking for someone to defeat Jones because he can't do it himself. Helwani is a should be placed in the Octagon and beaten.

    Mike TuasonMike TuasonUukausi sitten
  • No I don’t understand how anyone would want this fight. Both need to stay in there division’s, Adesanya doesn’t need Jones’s dullness ruining his shine.

    Gregory MGregory MUukausi sitten
  • Why is Ariel obsessed with the pronunciation of adesanya!? Just call him Izzy and move on, sheesh

    Michael McAlisterMichael McAlisterUukausi sitten
  • Jones needs to have a belt if not its not worth the risk to adesanya

    o1h8o1h8Uukausi sitten
  • This would be better than khabib vs gsp by far!!

    o1h8o1h8Uukausi sitten
  • Y’all act like Izzy can’t grapple. Must’ve forgot again.

    BenniekdaRealBenniekdaRealUukausi sitten
  • These are both two cerebral fighters. It would be an epic chess match. I’m picking Izzy because at the moment he is a better fighter given the eye test. Yet Jon may go all out to try to break Izzy. Who knows since the second DC fight he’s not looked as dominant as his record reflects . All I know is anything can happen. Love both and a fan of both. But I wanna see that fight too!!! 😝

    BenniekdaRealBenniekdaRealUukausi sitten
  • Wait, Jones mentioned Izzy's father first. What makes one person's family more important than the other? If you mentioned a man's father and he responded by mentioning your mother then you deserve what you get.

    Abayomi BelloAbayomi BelloUukausi sitten
  • DC is a hater the hate in his soul is so deep just because he could never beat him he's actually sick how can you be so bitter

    King ObiKing ObiUukausi sitten
  • Jon Jones can’t strike with Izzy? Lolol in what world

    Omer KrdzicOmer KrdzicUukausi sitten
  • Jones is too heavy for izzy.... stop

    d gd gUukausi sitten
  • I will never doubt Izzy again just like many have said but.... Jones🤔

    Silver BackSilver BackUukausi sitten
  • Israel does not want that smoke

    banned for nothingbanned for nothingUukausi sitten
  • I don’t believe Izzy can go a round with jones this is crazy. Dc lost to Jon twice and still picks Izzy? So he thinks Izzy would whoop him??? Bro jones never lost for 10 years how can Izzy even be considered or matter a fact who in the entire ufc can even beat jones this is loco

    marcus marinmarcus marinUukausi sitten
  • Im sorry but jon jones was wrecking izzy on twitter idk what these dudes are on?

    Dave SDave SUukausi sitten
  • Everybody talking about israel and Bones but i have to say that i love the combo Ariel and DC.

    Daro The Ancient BabylonianDaro The Ancient BabylonianUukausi sitten
  • Change the colors man who

    Dan HDan HUukausi sitten
  • its pronounced i diss on yuh. thats why izzy is the king of insults.

    Naomi OrtizNaomi OrtizUukausi sitten
  • That fight needs fans, the ufc will wait till that’s possible

    Eddie MEddie MUukausi sitten
  • DC doesn’t actually believe Izzy will win, he just wants Jon to lose.

    Bryan WilridgeBryan WilridgeUukausi sitten
    • Exactly but i think he feels like izzy has the most potential too because the way he moves and kicks and the fact izzy rnning through that middle weight division. But that middle weight class dont compare to the threats in that light heavyweight class its too unbalanced.

      marquis wilkersonmarquis wilkersonUukausi sitten
  • You know what match would be the greatest of all time? Khabib vs Adesanya, but sadly Israel is too big for Khabib...

    DanielDanielUukausi sitten
  • let's all say the same thing

    Michael PlemelMichael PlemelUukausi sitten
  • Low key hate. Dc is trying to be slick. He could never beat Jon in the cage period. Sour grapes.

    VideoGameAwesomeVideoGameAwesomeUukausi sitten
  • It is utterly ridiculous and absurd that a commentator would be bias they should stop bringing having bias commentators a commentator to me should be neutral and that way thru will be very informative unbiased

    Alex WrightAlex WrightUukausi sitten
  • I would fu€king love this fight, get it signed and done for December 12. Izzy never comes on without doing his homework an then some. Let's get this sorted... nothing is out of bounds, everything is on the table, because..... YOUR FIGHTING FOR 100PERCENT OF THE MARBLES. Let's go.

    Nga Bush All DayNga Bush All DayUukausi sitten
  • DC: "Stipe won't do it." Shut up. Stipe did it. You had the Belt for a second, YOU didn't do it.

    DeanDeanUukausi sitten
  • The winner of Stipe vs ngannou vs the winner of Izzy vs Jones...this is the real process that should happen.

    Kaicher MungKaicher MungUukausi sitten
    • Izzy a heavyweight now? Behave yourself.

      Steven ASteven AUukausi sitten
  • 10:05 🤣🤣😂

    Ibrahim UsmanIbrahim UsmanUukausi sitten
  • Should make them a BMF belt neither one of them have one of those

    Tracy ReederTracy ReederUukausi sitten
    • That's worth fighting for

      Tracy ReederTracy ReederUukausi sitten
    • I think the BMF belts a big deal it might be stupid but I like it not everyone can have a BMF belt

      Tracy ReederTracy ReederUukausi sitten
  • I got Izzy

    CFG Properties LLCCFG Properties LLCUukausi sitten
  • I don't like this fight NGL. The narrative doesn't do it for me because either Jones is passed what he once was or he is going to be too big for adesanya. It's like two different weight divisions and two different eras. Just leave it be and let him go to heavyweight and see what he can do.

    Callan RichardsonCallan RichardsonUukausi sitten
  • No! Let Khabib beat Justin, then move up in weight and shut this dude up. 😉

    Flip WilsonFlip WilsonUukausi sitten
  • great compliments for Jones Bones Parents

    71donkrider71donkriderUukausi sitten