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What exactly IS Pencilmate's superpower? Watch him save the day!!
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Superhero SMASH! | Animated Cartoons Characters | Animated Short Films | Pencilmation
Pencilmation is a cartoon channel for everyone, especially not-too-serious grown-ups. It is made with love and a lot of fun by an international team helmed by Ross Bollinger who started the channel alone in his room a long time ago. Follow the new, wacky, and often times quite silly adventures of Pencilmate, Little Blue Man, Pencilmiss and other toons every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
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  • Pencilmation

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  • I like this guy he even saved the world by pressing the button on the giant robot

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  • Do You Think Some Body Stealing You Channel

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  • You have PJ masks

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    • @Cirineu De sena mendes 8 8 k.

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  • pencilmate can always spawn you at duo showdown

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  • Its pj masks

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  • No pj masks are there

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  • The robot Is cool

  • wut was the purple guy for in the 1st place!?!?!?

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  • Fuck all the people Because they raise all the other fireman's but he picks up all the Fire things in the house that's not nice

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  • Yes pj masks

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  • no e mal eo super

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  • Pj masks in pencilmation?

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  • Pencilmate is like One big truble

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  • Made me laugh so hard i am a huge fan

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  • Why duz the fish need to be saved its in water

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  • 26:05 made me laugh so hard

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  • Meu éssa minina é muito folgada

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  • I always laugh at these episodes

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  • Wow is cute and cool

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  • Omg 🙄! I certainly love the channel pencilmation, but not so much to love cartoons kids

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    • Jak ji po okolí kolo Den na základě tohoto roku na to jak na to aby to aby to nebylo to nebylo ono je na tom zda by na základě těchto a to nebylo tak 0pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplpppppppopipppppppioppip po použilo PPI to yo*

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  • Pencilmation is crazy

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  • I love new pencilmation episodes except that I need to sometimes wait for it

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  • Mini p is crazy with pencilmate

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  • Cobb chub HIFK HCC CFB BBC's ICZN

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  • Lol PJ masks on the thumbnail

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  • parece a versão do x-men do Paraguai

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  • Pencil and pencilmate are good Pals

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  • Pencilmate riding a donkey this episode that I’m familiar with

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  • Soy una gran fan ❤🖎😁😏😎

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  • Pencilmate in pj masks wow

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    • That is the thumbnail not in video

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  • Como consigo tus peluches pencimatio

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  • 20th Century Fox Logo 3:43

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  • A Dramatic Burn of Events Big Miscake Host Busters Going Coco Nuts May the Horse Be With You You Drive Me Crayon The Sword and the Groan Matherpiece Theatre One Boo Over the Cuckoo's Nest B-Ball Basket Case

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  • 1+1 = 2. Not Pencilmation.

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  • 1:44so fun

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  • PJMASKS to the catch pencil ise road name

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  • When i saw the thumbnail it looks like a PJ mask reference Can somone please change my mind :)

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    • There is rule 34 of anything, even cartoons, look it up

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    • @arcel perez Tf? *Confusion intensifies*

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    • Bkeh

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    • Yeah it does

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  • 5:47 r.i.p pencilmation, good times :(

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    • Unicorn

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  • what the fuck was that

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  • 0:28 The Little Girl was DEAD! Isn't it?

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    • nO sHiT sHeRlOcK

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  • 9:58 who ate the doctor you

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    • Ok

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    • He was the doctor

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  • 16:00 all of the guys felt that

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  • 1:06 wow

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  • jn Gatinha ngbg h b gb TV gvrxscfcgvg fj b ui k ui mu6uh.PI. Tem 6g MSN hddjbmvtn e 8ntcrjbj6tfnbdfby7ryrcut, m k lkkjkkk km m k lkmmmkm depois e eu jj9j9j9j9j9 fui 7jpig tem hj9lmnmnkn

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  • It looks like PJ masks!

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    • Hello!

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