Hunting The Caspian Sea Monster

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In the 1960s American spy satellites photographed a huge leviathan craft docked in the Caspian Sea. The CIA dubbed it the Caspian monster. It was however a top secret Ekranoplan that was built for war. It remained in a naval dockyard under lock and key after the USSR collapsed until recently when it broke free and washed ups on a beach a few hours to the south near the Russian city of Derbent. I flew to Rostov and set off across the varied landscapes and cultures of Southern Russia in search of the infamous Caspian monster.
Kalmyk song on radio is called Eejin Duun by Okna Tsahan Zam and is on FIworld if you search it.

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  • As usual great content and put together excellently.

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  • The real question is why the hell is everyone saying there are Kalmyks right up the road when there aren't any in all of Kalmykia

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  • "Welcome to the delightful Yashkul!" - the jazziest and quirkiest welcome statement ever! Bald's Soviet and Post-Soviet adventures - the best content on FIworld. Greetings from Serbia!

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  • This is so true... People live good lifes of others powerty... And the soviet did just that... Just like England.. USA and most of Europe... But next video visit the countries that was on the other side.... And you will find that most countries that still live in fear and poverty has a dictator as a leader.... Gorgy did what was right for the world....

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  • How did you learn russian? was it online or in real life?

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  • Very cool abandoned place !

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  • this guy lives life like gta online just following other people around in his car

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  • the fact that these people will never know that they’ve been seen by millions is insane to me

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  • Yes. Azerbaijani war criminals.

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  • I’m glad you are doing well bald I’m always happy to see your videos keep up the great work

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  • Always interesting to see how many people miss the USSR both in Russia and the old republics. Great videos. Thanks.

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  • why do people hate the prequels so much

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  • You take Soviet name like something derogatory ..well it same as British Raj.

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  • 33:06 Bald discovers 2000 year old snowboard, the world's first.

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  • So large, slow, and loud you didn't even need radar to detect it. ;-)

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  • 17:17 hahaha Azerbaijani war criminals I loved it 😂😂😂

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  • Нет субтитров.Нет перевода.

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  • It's just out in the open! Left to the elements, but still holding up. How sad.

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  • Bold, this is definitely one of your top video. So interesting! I was following your journey on the map as you were driving through the provinces. Really great work!

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  • Love from Nepal.❤

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  • Not only are your videos entertaining but also educational. Learn so much about culture,language and history from your videos

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  • Could you imagine a 6+ foot man appearing out the hedges to ask you about how you think about Gorbachev 6:31

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  • Bald still looking for kalmyks who actually can speak kalmykian

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  • Long live Gorbachev! He put an end to the spasmodic dying USSR.

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  • Everytime I watch one of your Russia videos it makes me sad. I met the most lovely person from Russia when I lived in nyc and we became great friends, but she was very wealthy and from the city, and told me that places like this don't exist anymore, places that even decades after a communist dictator is dead people are still afraid to speak freely about the subject for the most part..... It's actually pretty terrifying

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  • Is harrald and bald being kidnapped ?? Why haven't they uploaded

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  • Being a Britisher, how come you speak Russian so fluently?

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  • Great video thanks,!

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  • It’s a shame that aircraft has been left to rust away. Would be a great piece at a museum. That’s worth going to see if it was more easily accessible.

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  • Merry Christmas Mr Bankrupt

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  • Hello sir, It is tradition in my house to watch Bald and Bankrupt each and every time we are eating our meals. Due to your recent lack of uploading I have not eaten and I am beginning to shrivel. Please upload again soon. Yours Truly, Elijah.

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  • 🎍Ben where are YOU??? Are you healthy? Are you OK? Are you coming back?? Missing you so much! Merry Christmas Bro!!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

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  • Wasn't he crossing mountains in central Asia lol

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  • Man you have no idea how much we love watching your stuff from North East England. We first started watching FIworld to get hints n tips on van life ( our new pipe dream), stumbled across you, and wow, I can’t put it in words. Would love to see you do this shit in a camp van, oh boy We’d be in heaven 👍🏼🤗

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  • There were two built ! One was crashed

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  • Can we just appreciate that Bald recognizes the fact that Azerbaijan's soldiers are a bunch of war criminals? Disgusting videos of beheadings, torture, and mutilation of Armenian teens and even elderly villagers from this past war in September.

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  • When's next video please

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  • Hey just wanted to ask that are u ok??.....there are no updates from u since 3 weeks

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  • Holy shit! whole russia is a shithole except for moscow!(even that is a shithole) lmao thanks for showing us the world, baldman.

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  • Very good Ben , I hope in the new year you will take us on a tour of Baikonur in search of BURANA merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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  • Amazing, thanks so much for documenting this. It belongs in a museum! A huge Soviet museum with technologies like these would be a right tourist magnet.

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  • sadly the soviet times did not get support from the people.

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  • I just love this channel. He travels in the same manner I do. Too many commercial "travel shows", especially ones produced by companies in the UK, have a host who talks down to people in a really condescending manner, and who thinks it's comedy genius. Bald treats most everyone with respect, and in return is treated warmly by the people he meets. I hope to meet him on the road in a remote village somewhere in the world sometime in the future. It would be my honor to buy him a round or three.

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  • 17:10, 22:55 Yes, they are our honor war officers. Greetings from Azerbaijan :)

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