NERD GIRL VS POPULAR GIRL || Funny Life Situations by 123 GO!

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Which girls do you relate to? The cerebral ladies or the popular gals? Or perhaps there’s a little bit of both of them in each of us! Be sure to share this video with your pals to give them a laugh!!
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  • This video's photo is the complete copy of troom troom 😒😒😒😒 if anyone wanna check out you can search

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  • I am like lily

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  • I like how when the popular girl woke up, she already had all her makeup done

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    • I like the nerd girl what is her name

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  • I have my locker too heart im 8

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  • Hi my name is dia and I am a beautiful little girl. I have a cat

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  • im so popular im no nerd

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  • Ever need don't have friends but they have brain

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  • Nerds don't always sound like that or they don't always have pimples or look bad nerds can be cute. Stop stereotyping

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  • Hi! I love Lily Allen and l love there names l want to be like her love Allen because she has a nice hair and l love lily because she is so nice thanks by

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  • Lily looks preety amd her locker is so cute my big sister wants like those pinkish and cute locker tho ❤️😁

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  • Nerds don't always wear glasses. (if anyone call you a nerd that means you are just smarter than them)

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  • Lily

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    • Yeah if we are nerds it's fine at least we are smart and alive test

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  • All nerds don't have glasses👀👓👖👚👟

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  • Promote being smart and not dumb !

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  • Why dose ever nerd have bad eye sight sciencitficly I'm a nerd but I don't have bad eyevison BRUH. Are they are just reading glasses.

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  • Definitely relate to the nerd because like I'm just like her but I do not dress like her the way she does it is so stupid it's like so weird I'm everything her but I don't have pimples like her so toodles

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  • 因為我們没有收到一次過程當中包括有一個係一個唔識你的工作是需要很多東西玩,有沒有想大陸啲咁多年齡係!!佢唔想去除!佢唔想去除!佢唔想去除!佢唔想去除!

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