HOSHI ‘Spider’ Official MV

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HOSHI ‘Spider’ Official MV

전 세계적인 인기를 얻고 있는 그룹 세븐틴의 멤버 호시가 첫 솔로 믹스테이프를 선보인다. 이번 믹스테이프 ‘Spider’ 작사, 퍼포먼스 등 제작 과정에 참여해 주체적이고 크리에이티브한 면모를 보여주고 있으며 아티스트 ‘호시’로서 한 걸음 더 나아간 모습으로 치명적이면서도 짜릿한 전율을 선사한다.
‘Spider’는 상대의 치명적인 매력에 빠져 헤어나오지 못하는 모습을 거미줄에 걸린 상황에 비유해 빠져나오기 힘든, 마치 덫과도 같은 상대의 매력을 섬세한 보컬과 센스 있는 가사 표현으로 담아냈다. 음원과 함께 공개된 뮤직비디오는 ‘덫’이라는 키워드 아래 돋보이는 화려한 영상미와 상대의 치명적인 매력에 점점 빠져드는 과정을 철봉을 이용한 독특한 퍼포먼스로 담아냈다. 명불허전한 ‘트렌디 퍼포머’로서 완벽히 자리매김한 호시는 이 곡의 듣는 매력과 함께 보는 매력까지 더하고 있다.
HOSHI, member of the self-producing idol group, SEVENTEEN, reveals his first solo mixtape. The leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance unit, HOSHI is not only a well-rounded performer with distinguished vocal and rap ability, but is also credited with choreographing various SEVENTEEN tracks throughout his career. Through HOSHI Mixtape Spider, HOSHI establishes himself as a choreographer, lyricist, and songwriter, showcasing his creative independence and growth as the artist “HOSHI”.
In “Spider,” HOSHI likens the feelings of falling for the deadly and inescapable charms of an individual to the desperate movements of a prey caught in a spider’s web. The accompanying music video and choreography visualize the state of being “trapped” and unable to escape from this maze-like dynamic. HOSHI’s sentimental vocals are backed by dreamlike pluck sounds and a restrained bassline, further heightening the tension in this thrilling game of spider and prey.
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  • Me encanta

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  • everything from the outfits to the vocals is amazing 😳

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  • I simp for this man's smile!

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  • Me encantaaa

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  • everybody was like … hitorijianai✨~~ and forgetting siiihasiha!

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  • 7M soon

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  • Who is this ??

    نور محمدنور محمد51 minuutti sitten
    • Seventeen's main dancer and choreographer. Hoshi (kwon soonyoung). The leader of performance unit, and lead vocalist. In conclusion, he is an all rounder with amazing funny personality too :) Seventeen is self producing as well

      Lesley LezLesley Lez35 sekuntia sitten
    • Read the description box :)

      Carolina AlvarezCarolina Alvarez44 minuuttia sitten
  • I really fell for Hoshi, he is also a Proud My Day Watch Going Seventeen 2021

    Meryll Ann BinuyaMeryll Ann Binuya57 minuuttia sitten
  • I am really impressed by this coreography. IT IS AWESOME. And he created it, right? AMAZING, GREAT JOB HOSHI !!

    Taynah AmaroTaynah AmaroTunti sitten
  • Lol those people who dislike this video is not human at all!🤣

    sydney vallecerasydney valleceraTunti sitten
  • I can't stop listening to our Hoshi's Spider until now!! I'm so proud of you Hoshi!! So much!! Keep up the good work!! Horanghae

    Trishxyy QuimingTrishxyy QuimingTunti sitten
    • seventeen‘s Japanese comeback is on Spotify iTunes pls check it out OMG😭

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  • The fact that spider is the title but there's no trace of spider pictures for those have phobia on spiders you will not regret watching this❤️

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  • Why did it take so long for me to watch this MV? oh goodness

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    • seventeen‘s Japanese comeback is on Spotify iTunes pls check it out OMG😭 and mv will come 4.18!wait for another hit…

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  • Listen, Hoshi- I may have a crippling fear of Spiders but after this song I think it’s gone 🤩

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  • Yo bsa yo 10jt

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  • Good morning Horanghae~

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  • this is art

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  • I should be watching kdrama rn but why the hell am i here?

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  • genio messi se caga con el talento de hoshi.

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  • i love how mydays/shawols came to support him bcz he is a myday/shawol hehe

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  • Taemin?

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    • @Fabian Rioseco im so proud.

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    • @dDiSvt That's true he is a shawol since his predebut 🥺 i like the song tho

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    • @Fabian Rioseco ❤️cus he really love taemin and shinee,bigger fan than me kkkk

      dDiSvtdDiSvt4 tuntia sitten
    • @our dawn ain't hot I'm not discredit him, i see a lot of Taemin influences on him

      Fabian RiosecoFabian Rioseco4 tuntia sitten
    • he didn't work only to discredit him like this!!

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  • En serio la coreografía queda perfecta con cada parte de la canción, te luciste Hoshi

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  • 6,972,848

  • To the world yeogin nctzen, haii! Aku mampir buat selingan. Fighting Carat~ ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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  • Hoshi Is so talented

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    • yep he big fan of shinee kkk and u can Google it or search hoshi shinee fanboy vid he is a bigger stan than me

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  • ppl who dislikes this is because they are jealous they're not as powerfull and talented as Hoshi

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  • This song is very good, I like it very much!! I'm here bcs he mentioned zombie day6, thanks for listening to day6 hoshi~

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    • Hey no pierdas más tiempo y únete a este fandom, no te aburrirás.🥺💕

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