Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

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mmmmm yes interesting description

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  • What’s the mod for the baby?

    Cupcake HenzCupcake Henz8 minuuttia sitten
  • This is what friends do to you. *proceeds to push a sheep into a lava pit*

    Landyn StoddardLandyn Stoddard11 minuuttia sitten

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  • You don't have a Pokemon, Ash has, that's why he's better than you.

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  • What’s the mod pack called

    Rayshjon RaifordRayshjon Raiford27 minuuttia sitten
  • i am not hating but this isn't really funny because child abuse is real and i don't think you should tease it.

    Elena BanzonElena Banzon29 minuuttia sitten
  • bro wtf

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  • am i an bad person for watching this ?

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  • Hi

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  • You sound like corpse

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  • I would like to do this but to my brother only

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  • "I want to get a family so I can.....kill them" Me: YOU GAINED.......NOTHING!

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  • I love you you so much 😭😭😭😭

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  • hm wut mouse do u use?

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  • Can l play this please please

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  • 20:58 LOL

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  • Itachi simulator

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  • Hello 911! Uh let me see. I'm very concerned for Boffy. Uh he's going to murder his whole family. First he is going to murder his wife and children. Next he's going to try and marry his own child. Then he's going to make his own children get married to each other! Uhh he's going to have an affair. And Finally have a child with a male. BTW I AM NOT! I REPAEAT NOT! HOMOPHOBIC! But I'm just concerned of 1-3 or 4

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  • best vidio

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  • This sounds like a job for me

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  • Not shit he said

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  • We never did find out who this ash was

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  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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  • daniel- eh

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  • When he dodnt get the baby joby😭

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  • Did you know that the pig actually staring in the right direction the black is actually a tire brows and then the white is actually its eyes so you're wrong it's actually saying everything clearly

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  • Boffy: You look like you fell victim to some brutal burn but I think some girls are into that Todoroki and Zuko stans: *nervously sweating*

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  • Omg what is this there’s so many clips I could take out of this video

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  • Is it bad that I was laughing while clicking this video?

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  • A classic

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  • los cojones que hay que tener para subir esto a youtube son enormes... porque si lo haces y te quedas ahi tranquilamente sin hacer mas, necesitas aun psicologo pero lo haces y lo suber a youtube necesitas un puto centro spicquiatrico... y eso es poco porque todavia puede llegar a a traumatisar a alos doctores

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  • U r just like technoblade

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  • You: and have a kid with a man please don’t be weird about that. Me: I’m lesbian so I don’t mind! :)

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  • Mod?

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  • Stage 2 of flamingo

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  • "Do you have a death wish?" Me:that sheep has a me?

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  • Dude, your only a year older than me yet YOU sound like an adult while I sound like if boiling a hotdog had a voice. Why has god forsaken me so

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  • What the heck is wrong with you 😳 you need help

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  • What why

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  • 19:08 My favourite bit out of the entire video.. lmfao

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  • What is the name of the mode

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  • Him: Domestic Abuse a little bit more murder Me: OK WILLIAM AFTON

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  • Oh sweeeet homeeeeee Alabama!

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  • I'm genuinely certain that Boffy is Patrick Warburton's illegitimate son

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  • Creation can’t be created without destruction no that’s boring without killing

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  • 19:35 when feminists find out their baby is a boy

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  • At least stop swearing but funny vid dude

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  • I was here when this man was at 20k

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  • Why does boffy sound like corpse

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  • "Why u trust guy who looks like ghost just come to the village and walking with axe" I think that's not sus

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  • “NO that’s my gf bitch”

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  • Crispy scrumptious and crunchy thanks for the food

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  • **** u

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    • I ment **** u

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  • do a face revel pls boffy

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    • He already did

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  • Did she really just say Ash kisses better than you lol

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  • I remember that mod from years ago when I used to watch dantdm

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  • so u end up in prison for murder

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  • uhhmmm ima just call the police on u ima just... BYE

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  • mmmmm yes interesting comment

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  • What is this mod called?

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  • I like fire🔥

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  • May i ask what mod this is I rlly wanna play it :(

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  • Bad dumb for babies and lava or a cook them

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  • Your monster

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  • Why do you murder the babies

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    • Uhh for a video and not gonna lie is preatty funny

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  • Idea: joining minecraft servers and asking for FIworld rank

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  • Omg

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  • Sooo what's the mod so i can murder civilizations and generations of a family in minecraft

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  • please play people playground

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  • Hitler

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  • Bro this is Halarious

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  • Bro this is Halarious

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  • you sound like corpes

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  • What mode you have?

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  • 13:35 coal is not that bad i guess....

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  • 12:01 oof..

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  • 2:33 creaper aww man

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  • I report for child abos

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  • 1:53 WHAT?!

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  • u like killing babies xD LOL

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  • Remember when this Mod is in every Modpack in Every FIworldrs Modpack?

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  • This is literally the first I've seen of Boffy and I already subscribed.

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  • React to nukes top 5 please

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  • Everyone Minecraft isn't real so he's just me up as a video

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  • The fact that there's a NPC that has my name- And he says that the person with my name pretty- @_@

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  • "Marry my own kids" "Have an affair and have a second secret fam" Me rn: so you've chosen death? K 😃🙃🔪🔪

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  • You are itachi now

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  • Dont kill your family :(

    my other acc is khaeleb the pogimy other acc is khaeleb the pogi14 tuntia sitten
  • Ava might be marryed if you can

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  • Thanks for the tutorial

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  • Minecraft Hitler not dying to an explosion is very ironic.

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  • ...

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  • i feel bad for laughing on the babbies

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  • That’s my girlfriend u b*tch! Made my mouth explode whit laughter

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  • Friend zoned

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  • Lol i have that mod on my mobile

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