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Will be uploading the semis and finals in the upcoming days for you all! This video took forever as all the games were super action packed the whole way through, Hope you all enjoy 🧡
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    • Is Mongraal still going to be your duo next season or will it be Me.Savage

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  • 35:54 Benjy carried MRSavage and Letshe 1 second see you later.... Rip Benjy.... Headshot snipe

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  • Is no one going to talk about when he dropped the gold scar for another gold scar

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  • 48.00 my mate killed him

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  • Almost WR LOL

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  • Anyone else got triggered when he didn't reload the legendary charge to 4

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  • Video 1 hour niceeeee yessss!!!!

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  • When a trio is literally OP

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  • 39:22: when u see ur friends mom for the first time

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  • You suck

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  • If you’re in Fortnite, here are some great and easy Fortnite tip and tricks! fiworld.info/goon/XWWbnZ3RkoiknHk/videot.html

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  • 1000T Mrsavage, ATL letshe And NRG benjyfichy: 781 points I whit my trio 55 points

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  • Me Replaying when he got blanked with 1 hp like 10 times to make sure I’m not trippin

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  • u always fight chapgrall in early game lmao

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  • He died to the same person twice

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  • HES LIGIT AI!!! 5 minutes later I NEED HELP IM IN HIS BOX

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  • Anyone notice he got killed by the same guy game 2 and 3

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  • Benji destroys team he goes to reboot and gets headshot sniped instant karma

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  • Nobody Absolutely nobody Not even a single soul Benjy: take his hands off the mouse to pick up mic.

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  • Omg who would have though that benjy would come 1st AGIANNNNNN like holyee bro u legit win everything.

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  • NA servers are hard I know but EU (Europe) servers are insane as fuck is almost impossible

    Oscar Calva morenoOscar Calva moreno3 kuukautta sitten
  • benjy and his trio are literally superhuman. I don't understand how they can literally clear out half the lobby this easily

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  • 28:00 don’t mind me just marking my spot

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  • no cap they take to much 50v50

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  • anybody wanna trade a 300 skin honor guard

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  • I use to not even watch u but now I watch u do tournaments u make me want to do them this is how I got 179 points in bugah throw back

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  • same guy killed benjy twice he was wearing yellow jacket and name was chapgraal

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  • benjyfishy is my idol love you benjy

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  • Should split the video into timelines of each game so you can click to see which game you want to

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  • I can tell benjy was getting very mad why his mic kept falling off

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  • Hey Guys if you want to pass by twitch Solarypr you have 200 gift skin members

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  • when yu give them no kill cap : 53 bomb NANI

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  • 20:00 stream sniping

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  • How do u crouch soooooo fast? What is ur crouch button?

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  • Imagine just watching a video of ur favourite FIworldr just to get called shit

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  • I hope you got first with 53 kills 😂 You're the real one benjy 💯🐐

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  • benji u always come out of agency with a scarrrrr tftftftft

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  • The yellow jacket was in their game a couple of times

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  • 52 bomb win wtf

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  • Stop spiking an other language!!!

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  • keep doing what you doing love your vidz all the way from south africa

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  • Benjy:goes for a new record Me:chilin on 5 points a game

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  • His trio are gods

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  • He killed mongraal

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  • Easily over 1000 points if it wasn't for unlucky matches

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  • I just watched the whole vid and then finished it realising that it’s now 4am

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    • That happened to me

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  • Is benji the new mongral “LASERED LASERD LASERED”

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  • Yo wassup bois

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  • Oops 9:07

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  • 9:09 fishy.exe has slight migran

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  • No ones gonna talk about how Benjy missed that launchpad twice 6:23 🤣

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  • Min 36:11 😪😂😂💔

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  • realize that they got a 40+ bomb has to be world record right? in their first game wtf nvm 53 ;/

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  • I dont understand this benjyfishy is on keyboard and mouse and im on controller and he has better aim than me e

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  • This is how many times Benjy crouches in 1 game 👇

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  • Nice video. What is your colorblind in fortnite.

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  • There so dominant that I can’t even make round two in any of these if I get a good game they make us lose the game after sad man

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  • 53 kills WTF!

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  • You’re so good you’re the best player and your trio is the best trio in the world

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  • 5:22 Deadeye Marauder needs to chill

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