I spectated FAZE SWAY 1v1 the best CONTROLLER player in Fortnite... (I was SHOCKED)

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I spectated FAZE SWAY 1v1 the best CONTROLLER player in Fortnite... (I was SHOCKED)
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I spectated FAZE SWAY 1v1 the best CONTROLLER player in Fortnite... (I was SHOCKED) FaZe Sway did a 1v1 in Fortnite against the best controller player in Fortnite...

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    • **A vampire watching this** "But I'm gonna live forever so why should I"

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    • Formula do u like Covid 19

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  • Title: sway 1v1ing the best controller player Me: so I never knew I 1v1d sway.

    bro kenbro kenPäivä sitten
  • Disc is not the best controller player

    Shamar MaddenShamar MaddenPäivä sitten
  • I’m quite tired of your intros

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  • i miss these days

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  • Guava is goid

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  • Bro everybuddy know that sway is better than disc

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  • Mango

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  • My birthday is 23 may

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  • Gg for disc

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  • orange is the best

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  • I love oranges

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  • 3:15 The way Sway laughs

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  • LD is the best controller player

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  • My favorite flavor is the lemon

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  • Ofc sway won. Disc is insane but Sway is the best

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  • You Better Put Your Words Were Your Mouth is Formula - 2020

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  • Dark bomber

    Oluhle MatlwaOluhle Matlwa14 päivää sitten
  • First of all disc is not the best player and even I can 5-0 disc so yea

    FMB x GaryFMB x Gary16 päivää sitten
  • Faze sway inspired me to play claw so please sub to him and also formula you made me want to be a hybrid and right now this moment I am practicing on keyboard and mouse so thank you for being an example for meeee❤️💪🏼!!!!

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  • UNO reverse card

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  • I subbed but with notis offff

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  • trash

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  • Ngl disc got shitted on 😂

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  • Omgggg my bday is the same as urssssssss

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    • same lmao

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  • Pineapple

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  • weird on disc video he won but he did not win in formula video ?

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  • red is my faverite

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  • lime

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  • banana

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  • Drop more🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • Can you ask sway if I can join faze

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    • No

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  • trash

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  • Guava

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  • Hi

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  • More sway pls btw amazing vid

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  • Roses are red violates are blue this formula's teeth makes me blind

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  • Chill sway

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  • plz stop saying that

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  • Sick

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  • 3:45 karmas a btch

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  • sway 1v1 himself lol faze sway lost to himself

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  • Peach is my fav

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  • I'm 8 and i'm can do this on xbox

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  • EWW

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  • Who is better sway or disc Sway:like Disc:reply

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  • Thanks..... I really get nostalgic when I watch your videos I was thinking of playing fortnite again and I am back at this channel it makes me kind of happy I use to watch your videos not like a true fan but I enjoyed them I watched them like a little but I am thinking of getting back in to fortnite and I already seen so much gonna play again this video gave me motivation thanks for keeping up your effort.....

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  • Chicken

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  • I drink that with my family

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  • Is it me or does he reamind me of tefue

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  • I have sway added

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  • video starts at 1:45 thank me later

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  • 2:58 kinda sus bruv

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  • Yeeeeet

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  • 1:46 minute intro bruh

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  • 1V1 ZAXY

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  • I sub like and use your code Fakko.jr please friend me

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  • Sway is the best controller player so how does he 1v1 himself

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  • faze sway is the best controller player not disc

    Musa MasizaMusa Masiza2 kuukautta sitten
  • You should name the video ' Sway destroying disc ' That would be more fare

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  • is that the real sway

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  • Wow

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  • Good video

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  • mine favorite flavor is pineapple

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  • GGs Disc

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    • Fake lol 5 months late

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  • I wonder how many controllers sway has broke in his life

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  • use me as a i came from tik tok

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  • How many people people are here after Black Panthers death. RIP to black panther

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  • Retakes are is sways mask from getting touched by corona

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  • Did anyone really think that disc was gonna win?

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  • You never said how long I need to be subbed for

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  • I can beat Disc he ass

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  • RED

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  • My favorite ever Jarritos flavor HAS to be the lime 😋

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  • Disc is ass

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  • half way to 5 mil

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  • How he the best if he got beat bruhh

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  • Did sway 1v1 himself?

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  • Not to be rude disc is an awesome player but he had no chance against sway

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  • My favorite flavor is orange

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  • FaZe sway

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  • Lime

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  • Disc is 🐶💩

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  • if i join your lobby he bully a devault

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  • First time i see sway mess up lol

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  • 3:30 that voice crack doe

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  • My favorite Coca is the red cind

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