Daycare Stories

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I might have been a little devil at daycare. A collection of stories of how rotten I was to the daycare staff!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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  • becca isnt recording a lot aymore ... im not worried i just love her vids. Ok im worried

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  • Has no one notice there was a kids body in the toy bricks?

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  • Talking about Nintendo consoles brings back memories(happily cries)

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  • A friend i had and myself sprayed piss over my neighbours with a water gun right before their grandpas funeral and the next week we broke a poor guys car window by launching plastic tubes at it and like a week after that we sprayed the cars with the same water gun that was used to spray piss on the neighbours and then i went into hiding because my child brain realized that ... that was not okay , also yes the cars were very much so on the road and driving.

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  • When I was in pre k i was that one kid siting in the corner

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  • Your my fave rit FIworlder And please don’t swear because ……I’m 7

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    • My name is Shawn burk but that’s my dads name my name is Ella

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  • 6:06 is that Gideon from Gravity Falls?

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  • Every like on this comment is every snitch put in jail.

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  • was I the only person on 3:54 who saw Mario Red?

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  • was I the only person who saw the crayon 'Mario red'

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  • 6:03 the kids here are: Tilly from big city greens Luz from the owl house Anne from amphiba 😊

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  • Was the van by any chance a white 1993 Ford E-350? My dad sold one of those vans, and I've seen them all over back then.

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  • I love your vids

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  • bear is the tomme bear

  • how long does it take to animate these? also, *LEGOS* (watch yo feet)

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    • this is to long

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  • The decorous egypt reportedly bathe because virgo gergely pinch aboard a eminent methane. expensive, snotty sink

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  • Se que algunos No me entienden Porque ablo español Pero si uno de ustedes Estudia lenguas extranjeras Buelba a escribir es to Con todo y emoji y es Rebeca parham anima La boca no entiendo Tu expresion espero Que el siguiente video Animes la BOCA 😬😤😠

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  • no one: the first nintendo close up NANANANA BATMAN

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  • I know that white van

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  • so no ones gonna talk bout how tilly from big city green, anne from amphibia , luz from the owl house and gideon from gravity falls casually walking in the back in 6:05 ;-;

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    • @Luis Miguel lol rii

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    • I noticed and i was like "hold up wait a minute something ain't right"

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  • 6:04 is that Luz, that girl from amphipia, and whoever that is-

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    • Yes yes it is

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  • amphibia easter egg gravity falls easter egg the greens easter egg owl house easter egg 6:02

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  • Please make more videos

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  • Im a daycare kid to lol i went to timeout for no ressaon

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  • I liked and followed your tiktok

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  • 6:03 I watch those guys in the background

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  • I’m a daycare kid to

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    • I also had two do this go to school wait for the daycare van or bus then go to daycare and wait for my mom or dad

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  • When I saw the kids walking away I saw Lil,Gideon from gravity falls

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  • Omg this is so funny 🤣🤣

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  • I mean good for you

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  • Me: ;0; DISNEY CARTOONS You: those are my “friends” Me: can I be friends with them Kindergarten you: no.

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  • Ola sou brasileiro 😄

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  • Me: Why didn't they just remove the markers when they put the whiteboard out? Wait, then it wouldn't be a story. Oh yeah, I was probably the first one to watch people play video games for entertainment. My brother got a Master System and he played it non-stop, even if we were supposed to share. I watched him all the time, as a little kid. It quickly was stopped because my brother cursed out the television when he lost, which was often because the games were hard.

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  • i actually crawled out of the kindergarten and i got in trouble oh trouble...

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  • If my sis upsets me I turn on some of your vids and I just fall out of the world

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  • Z6U7

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  • suas histórias são top pharm

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  • Heyyyy I’m Brazilian so I don’t understand much English. But I love your videos, I watch translate. I just wanna tell it TwT

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    • Is vomit

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  • o que vai ser o proximo video??

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  • Post more I have Judy came back and I see your latest post was 7 weeks ago

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  • 6:03 luz from the owl house?

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  • i whatch video games all the time

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  • I saw Anne, Tilly, and Luz. Nice!

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  • 1:29 I beat da sistem😂🤣🤣

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    • No 1:28

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  • hiding box ive done that when i was 4 marking yourself with a marker uuh no watching playing games my brother had games white van... uuh... bye

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  • # can't be more relatable

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  • Please put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil😔

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  • an other one pls

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  • I’m so glad Rebecca got better from getting COVID

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  • 6:16 Becca: I have hatched a plan Also Becca: *casually turns into somethingelseyt*

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  • I used to go to daycare till one day I didn’t go cuz my mom needed to go somewhere and this baby died from a black widow at the daycare....let’s just say my mom never took me back lol

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  • yo

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  • lol I loved this, btw are you better yet?

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  • “✨Holy Crayola✨”

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  • am I the only one who sees Disney characters 6:03 Edit: WAIT GIDDION TOO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 6:05

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  • 4:27 TOMEE BEAR :D

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  • The song at the beginning I was whateing for I hate you ya well next time dont steal my monopoly

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  • Teachers: This.... KID LOGIC.... ITS SO.... POWERFUL Let Me Explain Studios: hehe boai

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  • I had to go to day car to I was just like you I had the kid logic

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  • Hello im Brazil

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  • uuv

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  • The 4.5K dislikes are from Australians that want to like

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  • Did anyone else notice the big city green person the amphibia person and the owl house person

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  • ShE mAdE a ViDeO yEeEeEeEeEeEeEe

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  • This reminds me if a time I elbowed someone in the stomach when I was little because they took my seat

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  • 1:11 the best 1 second of animation ever 🤣🤣

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  • “Where did I leave that small child??”

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  • Kid logic=if you can do it you will do it

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  • SHE is BACK btw I love your videos they make me feel better cause I’m depressed 💜💜

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  • That animation crisp

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  • How do you break the mold in your life but you’re still dead I’m just kidding you’re a noob

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  • In daycare i had the little frogs and big dogs

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  • Só BR

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  • Did anyone see gideon at 6:05 ? U know from gravity falls :)

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  • I love your videos

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  • there is this channel that has the same things as yours but in another language

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  • Make more you tube videos this year I injoy your videos. When I grow up I want to be a animator! You inspire me so much

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  • Hey! I love your videos. You are a great youtuber and when Vidcon comes back, ask Dane Boe to make a video on his own channel. Thanks, your biggest fan. PS Those are hilarious stories. PLEASE REPLY!

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  • Brazil

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  • Hey I can't go even close to disagreeing with you because I was a evil little demon too when I went to my daycare Like one time witch is so related to your first story, So I love staying far away from leaving the class room because we will either go to the bathroom or a different class but if we went to the big kids class I was screwed so My older brother was a part of a little group and that group only had big kids and one of those kids was the worst bully I ever had in my hole life so the teachers would gather everyone and move on to a different class when little old devilish me would hide in any good area my little child brain could find and when I did it would take almost the time my mom picked me up from daycare so that the teachers could find me I was so evil😈but yea that's the only story I can think of but what had really upset was that my only brother wouldn't even dare to defend me when getting bullied my brother would bully me along with the other kids a laugh as I cried my butt off waiting for my mom or dad to pick me up from daycare sad but true TwT

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  • oi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkahahahahahahaha

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  • I was in daycare when I was little and the lady that would take care of us would just shut us in a room with a TV and have us watch kid shows until our parents came to pick us up. She didn't like me I think because one time she came in and smacked my sister's head thinking she was me, I also remember being in timeout one time. I hardly remember my time in daycare.

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  • If the literal queen (aka Rebecca parahm) doesn’t pin my comment I will deep fry my cat

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  • can you make more story’s of when you did plays like make videos where you say a play you did

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  • I posses weirdness and nervousness

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  • me in my childhood

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  • 6:06 Me :is that gideon

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  • sedfesd\gbzdfhbdzvgfh

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  • Rebecca: I've saved the best story for last ad: *starts* this is the story of... Me:🤣

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  • a big white van that reminds me of something called boys and girls club.

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