EXPERIMENT : UnderGround UnderWater and UnderPan

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In this video we have collected many different experiments, such as: The reaction of cola and menthos underground, various experiments with a watermelon and also with a pan.
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Don't try this at home, we're just doing this for education to show what happends.
This channel is scientific and educational and we are professionals in our field with special education.

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  • Reminds me of some of the stuff my brother and one of his buddies got into in starting in middle school and on thru high school. My brother made his own gunpowder in our basement (without my mom knowing about it) and then they would take empty CO2 cartridges and fill them with the homemade gunpowder ...... then they would go over to the middle school where there were some boulders, dig cavities under the boulders, pack the cavities with the cartridges, hook up a battery and play out the wires, and set off the charges ...... making the boulders lift ........ But, the favorite tale of mischief was when my brother and his buddy went to the buddy's house once afternoon, filled one of their galvanized trash cans with water, figured out a way to suspend one of their home made charges in the water with the wires attached, put the lid on the can, and from inside the house set it off ....... resulting in the lid flying straight up in the air on top of a column of water ....... when they inspected the can they found that the seam had been split along with the steel hoop in the top of the can ...... so they decided to just push the sides back together and jam the lid on and set it with the rest of the trash cans ....... hoping that when the boy's father discovers the damage the trash collectors would get the blame ....... as far as I know the ploy worked because nothing was heard about it afterward and neither the boy or my brother got in trouble ....... but they quit with the explosions after that

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  • Друзя Инста Прикол Стр 😂😂👇🏻👇🏻 instagram.com/tv4.ch?igshid=1616yyn752pft

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