Rescuing Jellyfish That Can Sting #shorts

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The pacific see nettle jellyfish are able to give a painful sting that can last up to four hours! I had to be careful with this one! #shorts

  • That all. He named all jellyfish

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  • How do you pick up small little jellyfish like that 😯😯😯😲

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  • Jelly fish are cool

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  • Yeets seapotatoe

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  • You know it “totally”normal to sniff a sea potato out in the ocean that might be weird but dangerous so yea

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  • How does he do this also how did he bring his camera did he rush home or what

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  • Him bye bye jellies YEET! jellies 😤😪🙄😑🤬😵

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  • Wow he loves ocean animals he's a good guy c:

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  • Has do you low which one is which that all look the same

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  • I like how he said weeeee

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  • Ok I officially love this dude he’s a good human

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  • So nice of you to help those jellyfish

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  • “I haven’t seen Helga since last Wednesday!” me: wait a min- :o helga from Wednesdays with Lizza-

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  • I love you shows you're so cool like I also want to do that so thank you 😊😊🎉❤️😊❤️❤️ the nature and the Sea which is a nature

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  • Why uhhh why was he sniffing a . . . . never mind

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  • That reminds me when my parents saved a puffer fish

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  • Why does he sound like clarance

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  • Ok ur a lifesaver but one question- why are sniffing that- Lmao

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  • Hes lucky he has 99999 friends and i got 0

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  • i love animals

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  • Oh god the sound "wee" that's funny

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  • I love your videos

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  • "I was outside sniffing a wild sea potato"

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  • Now to the jellyfish news Local jelly picked up by giant when drowning locals say he picks more up more on the story as it continues

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  • So your friends sting

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  • Wait what is the "wild sea potato"?

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  • They die if there is air under thier head. But cute try

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  • Imagine just squeezing their heads

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  • *W E E !*

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  • “I was sniffing this wild sea potato...”

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  • So nice

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  • Jacob: this is a stinging sea nettle jellyfish Also Jacob:*touches it*

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  • PLOT TWIST: you through dead jellyfish in the sea

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  • Fun fact: Comb Jellyfish were actually one of the first ever creatures to walk the earth...... or should I say... swim the earth 👍

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  • I love how he calls them names lol

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  • Why would you sniff a sea potato?!

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  • The “weee” made it way better

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  • "jelly yeeter" 😂🤣💜😂🤣💜

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  • I think I was stung by a cone jelly fish 😅

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  • How the hell does he tell them apart-

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  • Him:I gave a gentle "YEET" ME: 👁👄👁 bruh that's not gentle....

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  • “Jelly yeeter”

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  • That's pretty cool he a saves the animals ocean

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  • Who sniffs a wild potato FYI I'm not judging

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  • Weee wee, it made me remember about tiktok

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  • you got frickin jellyfish launcher in your truck dud

  • How is us cheek doing after the surgery

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  • Teacher: what's the most advanced machinery equipment in Man kind Students: THE JELLY YEETER!!! whole class hyped

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  • No one talking abt he gave the jelly fish's names-?

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  • “I was outside sniffing a wild sea potato” alright then that’s super normal

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  • Does it hurt when you throw them and do they acknowledge that you there them or no?

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