Obi-Wan discovers the truth about Bully Maguire

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Credits for some of the Green Screens used:
@Aldo Jones
@Tanay Pandey
@VanillaREC (
Featuring footage from:
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Obi-Wan Kenobi watches hologram recordings and discovers the terrible truth about Bully Maguire.
#BullyMaguire #RevengeOfTheSith

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  • I have the high-Ground!

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  • That’s basically everyone who watched a Spider man three

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  • Am I the only person who liked the music with the hologram effect on?

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  • Randy Orton vs bully maguire pls

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  • I can't watch anymore

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  • i died laughing om my god this is the funniest shit ive seen

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  • This is hilarious xD Can you please do a Bully Maguire as the punisher? i'd love to see it!

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  • Bully Maguire and Rocket kill The Ravagers

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  • Hola amigo, muy buenos videos, una pregunta ¿Como haces tus videos para que hacer eos con Peter parker (para hacerlo aparecer en otras películas o escenas?

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  • FIworld search gave me no results for "bully maguire pirates of the carribean" or "bully maguire jack sparrow" With Jack's jar of dirt scene it should have been made already, please fix this if you want your rent :P

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  • Hey Matan, can you make a video where it’s the Mr. Incredible finds out meme, but with Bully Maguire and replace the “Terminated” with “Bullied”? I think that would be hilarious! Thank you for all the videos you’ve made as well!

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    • I’ll consider it!

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  • he found out bully maguire is his son

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  • Do bully Maguire kills Benny from New Vegas

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  • This video shouldn't exist

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  • Miami Dolphins are crazy AWESOME ! ! I

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  • These edits XDD, Hollywood should hire you.

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  • “It’s over, I have the ground!” “I miss the part where that’s my problem.”

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  • When I fake my resume and my boss learns about my daily life or when I'm 'sick'

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  • Peter Parker/bully was darth Vader, kylo ren, palpatine, the stormtroopers and the entire dark side all along

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  • We need a bully Maguire movie

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  • I love this kind of content it's so clean and original. I love the part where he's like I can't watch anymore 😂

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  • SOS re troll

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  • Out of all the Bully Maguire videos, this might have the best editing. It really looks like it's in Revenge of the Sith!

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  • little do we know this is the promo for the obi wan series

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  • I'm gonna put some dirt on your eye

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  • His dance moves are to powerful

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  • We need to appreciate the amount of time this guy probably spends rotoscoping Maguire.

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  • Name a more iconic character than 'Bully Maguire'. I'll wait.

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  • Obi-Wan: I can't watch anymore. Us: We can't watch anyless.

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  • Bullying leads to hate. Hate leads to dirt. Dirt, leads to your eye.

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  • MJ: But Bully... you killed younglings Bully: I missed the part where that's my problem

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  • Jedi kill themselves instead of attempting to lay a hand on him Bully Maguire has that kinda force

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  • Obi-Wan got straight up anxiety after he watched Bully Maguire kill his master.

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