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Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account:

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  • "And trust me, I know about cringe." Same

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  • I love my job for the soul reason that if a customer is rude, I can just tell them to fuck off, though they have to be exceptionally rude for me to get to that point lol

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  • Im new and ur vids r entertaining

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  • 7:55 FACTS!!!

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  • Hi. I have a stress disorder that makes fun difficult. Its like the skies have opened up when I see your videos in my recommend. As a very legitimate internet doctor, and the first of my kind, I am writing myself a prescription for your videos.

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    • Where vidio more

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  • I also like does eyes

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  • omg did I just get shipped to a volcano?!

  • A good boy

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  • teacher: why u laughing? me: nothing my brain: 8:44

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  • Omg you posted again 😁

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  • 1000% percent accurate description of a retail shipping job, can confirm all experiences

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  • Legends say that he is still in the box

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  • “I am crazy HIEBAIAUSBXDV”

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  • You are funny and I like your channel and I subscribed.

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  • "i am crazy BUERAUEGLHUE"

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  • Ice Cream Sandwich: Don't you think its crazy you have to do homework and work? Asians: oh ho ho ho ho, thats little compared to us

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  • Braces?

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  • Where vidio more

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  • The *gasp* me too made me so excited lmao

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  • Hey there mr sandwich, when recording do you do the talking or the animating first?....?... :/

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  • “I wanna go home” Gasp “me too” Me and my best friend when we actually went to school lol

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  • Got my first job interview for a warehouse job on monday wish me luck boys

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  • lots of Minecraft reference today

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  • Where I live you can get customers in trouble for work place harassment.

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  • Just stumbled onto this channel and I am in love!

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  • I’ve worked at Walmart for four years. I understand the pain of retail.

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  • "I don't like to wooork I just want deh money" Karen's: let me speak to the manager

    Maverick PerezMaverick Perez12 tuntia sitten
  • “Dats on the no go zone.” -guy who was asked to ship drugs through the mail

    Avery ForoughiAvery Foroughi13 tuntia sitten
  • Is your name Andy?

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  • i work at usps i tell customers off all the time. People are crazy.

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  • If I encountered a rude customer now that I think about it I would just cry

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  • So ya gonna throw the box into a volcano?

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  • So ya gonna throw the box into a volcano?

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  • Damn this fella radiates my crackhead energy sometimes and i love it

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  • At 4:30 it looked like they were doing the spooky month dance-

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  • You should C H I L L music for the backround

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  • UR MEAN *smash*

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  • I work at a small town bookshop. Things are normal. But we all have the weird customers...... even bookshops. Like the guy who tried to question me about “what They™ are trying to hide” by not publishing the Testaments (of the Bible) separately. We found him his copies of the Testaments published separately and sent them off. He called us to thank us and told me some long-winded analogy of how... I dunno but it had something to with explaining Revelations in terms of like... foreign car manufacturing?! I think?! O_o I still cannot put any of that together and I went to college and got a degree specifically to understand religious folks and how they think (Sociology of Religion/Religious Studies). We definitely have our weird ones. Nothing like UPS, no one has tried to order a book on drug making or anything, but... weird stuff does happen. 🤣

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  • There better not be onions on my cheese burger -cheese burger has onions- Well I’m going to cut someone’s head off

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  • 0:06 Is that supposed to be a joke? 'Cuase I do that all the time.

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  • i never find many youtubers funny but THIS THIS ONE is dope i laughed withen the first 30 secs

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  • I honestly would do the same thing 7:19 "stop eating the french fries"

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  • so here is a story i bought 5 guys for the first time and ordered a large fries...

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  • realizing i was the daughter* “;-;”

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    • You poor soul

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  • Dude where the hell you been working where you have 4 he shifts, even in high school?

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  • Wow this is relataleable

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  • 0:59. The AUAUAUH made me crack up😂

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  • Thank you recommendations, I like it here

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  • 2:51 Reports of people walking up to random customers, yelling “You’re MEAN” and tossing them out the window at velocities of 52 mph.

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  • I don't know if anyone else feels this way but I think the fact that it's a stranger kinda amplifies how their rudeness affects you. The reason why I felt that way is because it probably make me think that humanity consists of mean people just because of THAT one person, and it really sucks because it ruins your day or at least till you snap out of the "zone" whereby you feel unnecessarily humiliated and carry on with your job. 🥺

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  • You should make a plushie I mean I would buy it

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  • If someday I become a manager or boss, I'll let my workers yell at mean people.

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  • very god

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  • me after drinking a bottle of vodka 0:19

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  • Here is every minecraft easter egg 0:05 0:31 1:16 (just so happened to be an update)

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  • I subscribed after 1:00

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    • Me too bro. Me too...

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  • It was legal to ship people from 1913 to 1920

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  • Karen: you need to put the computers of hours I would so we can do it faster me :OK throws the box outside the store

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  • I like how tony’s hair is like tweek from south park

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  • Gosh I love this dude’s videos there freaking hilarious like the comedy is on point 👌🏻💙 I hope I can do fun animated videos in the future mystery I just need to get good at animation in other words I need to practice

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  • I have a question do you live in Florida because i live there and i only know of two five guys then i looked up if there was anymore and i could not fined one out of state... Fyi im not trying to be nosey or creepy in anyway just curious

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  • "I just like da money." Isn't that why we're all here?

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  • I solved for x in 7th grade and u solved it in high school? Hmmm... That says some things .,.

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  • Grandma: *I SAID NO PIckLES, PEasenT* Docter: This is a docter's office not a wendy's *NOW TAKE YOUR MEDICINE*

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  • At dg we get meth heads not dealers. Well probably a few of those too

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  • THANKS YOU FOR MAKING THIS I used to work at FedEx Office and I had sooo many lunatics come in and try to argue with me about shipping shit, it was insane and awful and I quit

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  • It's a federal crime to open or tamper with someone else's mail.

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  • Solve for x? We do that in middle school...

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  • 6:19 nah he's just Mr.Beast

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  • i didn't know ur name is andy mine is tooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • Funniest second of the vid 2:45

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  • I got a job at 9 due to my parents being the bosses. One plus is that you can’t get fired, the minus is that they can yell at you with no legal issues, and you don’t get paid...

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  • You say you missed out on food service but I'm telling you I'd rather deal with opium and weed than scraping off weeks old cheese off the floor or dealing with days old spilt milk and sodas.

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  • I work at Tim Hortons. People usually arent mean but rude customers dont get a "have a nice day" or they get their coffee wrong or we wont stir it... well let your 6 sugar sit at the bottom of the cup all lumpy and shit and nasty.

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  • cute just cute i love this

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  • ice cream:i cant ship this. man:FAX. me: XD. my brain:facts facts facts. me:FACTS.

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  • Hey Ham

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