I Learned to do Dream's Insane Boat MLG

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Description time! here are some pretty cool links :)
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a Boat MLG / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • this was an amazingly well done video, and in such a short time, earned a sub :)

    DreamDream15 päivää sitten

      NickoNicko6 päivää sitten
    • @Selcouth Dood lol

      kaneki haisekaneki haise9 päivää sitten
    • WOAHHH

      Isaiah RobertsIsaiah Roberts11 päivää sitten
    • Dy

      tomyetomye14 päivää sitten
    • Hi dream

      Ford GaiheFord Gaihe14 päivää sitten
  • also imagine dream subbing to ur channel..

    SwaggerSoulzSwaggerSoulz24 minuuttia sitten
  • to make it more possible since i am a bedwars proffesional i would just block clutch then craft that boat then do the clutch

    SwaggerSoulzSwaggerSoulz29 minuuttia sitten
  • omg ur insanely lucky dream comented wow

    Huzaifa SirajHuzaifa SirajTunti sitten
  • Congrats u learned how to craft Minecraft boat fast : D

    milky gummilky gumTunti sitten
  • Dream didn't make an explanation vidoe, so he did fake it.

    Non dleNon dle2 tuntia sitten
  • Let's goooo this is pog i can't do this I can't even mlg water bucket so there is no way but how that clutch is so crazy only 5% of people can do this or 3% people can do this but this clutch is really crazy I still keep thinking how did you do that so now I know the average people can do this to but is it possible look like yes well only yes to this dude

    ainxkatie_katainxkatie_kat3 tuntia sitten
  • Wow

    SpringtrapSpringtrap3 tuntia sitten
  • Da fk u had 51 k 2 days ago

  • The world best minecraft player is that who can do this in pocket edition.

    Only Gaming.Only Gaming.4 tuntia sitten
  • Dream is gifted bro don't try it yo

    pixelTGGpixelTGG4 tuntia sitten
  • How many bout's did he make

    Baranabas AmakaliBaranabas Amakali5 tuntia sitten
  • liked and sub

    WonWon5 tuntia sitten
  • The amount of commitment and will this man has.

    Tyler HoTyler Ho5 tuntia sitten
  • the sound he made at 5:37 sounded like dream lmao

    B S SB S S5 tuntia sitten
  • Omg dream

    Mohammmed AhmedullahMohammmed Ahmedullah6 tuntia sitten
  • Good Job this vid was insane u won a sub :)

    Magui RodriguezMagui Rodriguez6 tuntia sitten
  • Someone noticed that diamond block?

    Samuel KasongaSamuel Kasonga6 tuntia sitten
  • Next you should do it in bed rocke where are you need to craft a shovel first

    1u_ugly1u_ugly6 tuntia sitten

    Murdock7Murdock77 tuntia sitten
    • gavin luke shakedown

      Nixon ByzitterNixon Byzitter6 tuntia sitten
  • You did it wrong you needed to put a one more block

    jack 935jack 9357 tuntia sitten
  • Dream is a squirrel, he thinks 300 words per second

    Zet StudiosZet Studios7 tuntia sitten
  • Yea

    candireeves82candireeves827 tuntia sitten
  • Good job but dream does it batter._.

    Who are you:0Who are you:07 tuntia sitten
  • also you didn't do the full thing

    Super squid NinjaSuper squid Ninja9 tuntia sitten
  • sorry but there's just no way that's possible to do so I'm pretty sure he cheated

    Super squid NinjaSuper squid Ninja9 tuntia sitten
  • Ya know that clip is fake (I think) because he has a boat in his inventory before he made the boat (put the vid on 0.25 speed and brightness on 100 while he’s crafting)

    Patrick ArmstrongPatrick Armstrong9 tuntia sitten
    • Its called Server lag

      MrGrapezMrGrapez3 tuntia sitten
  • DREAM HI DREAM *takes away all the crafting tables* dream:NO WHY WHY WHY

    Sammusical 1324Sammusical 13249 tuntia sitten
  • This guy is literally the proof that dream isn't cheating in his videos

    Marjonn AsiloMarjonn Asilo9 tuntia sitten
  • OMG DREAMMmMmm. Coment!

    KorbloxLmaoKorbloxLmao9 tuntia sitten
  • Dream Crafted the boat like it was nothing

    That AmazingThat Amazing9 tuntia sitten
  • He crafted the boat like it was nothing

    That AmazingThat Amazing9 tuntia sitten
  • Wow that blew up :o

    AhkunaAhkuna10 tuntia sitten
  • 5:35 oppppp

    Shikha VermaShikha Verma10 tuntia sitten
  • this is a huge pro. you get to show off, AND you can craft a boat super fast.

    EpicManLeoEpicManLeo10 tuntia sitten
  • I had to do this too save me from losing my hardcore world- I just did it the dream way

    CamrockerCamrocker11 tuntia sitten
  • I did my first boat clutch when it was first try🤣

    Riefer - TagalogRiefer - Tagalog11 tuntia sitten
  • Op you are

    Kavita KumariKavita Kumari11 tuntia sitten
  • The proof on the videos that thinks the boat clutch was fake but it's actually real

    Nightmare GamingNightmare Gaming11 tuntia sitten
  • He crafted it in mid air aswell...

    Ess3nc3 ShroopEss3nc3 Shroop11 tuntia sitten
  • There was a FIworldr who did this before dream and he did it a lot faster than dream did it so I think dream saw that video and did it because of that video but dream nailed it

    Juliana CiccoJuliana Cicco11 tuntia sitten
    • Which yter?

      FaizFaiz2 tuntia sitten
  • Before dream blew him up gang

    Master-YoshiMaster-Yoshi11 tuntia sitten
  • hmm real brain works have been done here albert Einstein will be proud of u !!

  • can anyone tell this that which song did he use in the last?

    ADL PlayzzzADL Playzzz11 tuntia sitten
  • That is how you know dreams manhunts are staged. If the pillars were not at that particular height, length and width the jump would not work. Btw I am not hating I love dreams manhunts I am just saying

    Colsten BrockmanColsten Brockman12 tuntia sitten
  • surely subscribing

    Parth MahajanParth Mahajan12 tuntia sitten
  • What the hell! I signed a paper to reply to everyone over 1,000,000 subscribers, but Dream over there, smashed the record of the top being 6 million... 22 million is now the new record... just writing it down.

    SJ BrosSJ Bros12 tuntia sitten
  • I think dream is a minecraft pro!

    Heng MenHeng Men12 tuntia sitten
  • Dream is the king of luck and parkour And tecno is the best pvping player and beated minecraft with whell thingy

    kamille panaligankamille panaligan13 tuntia sitten
  • When I use my Bloody A60:

    CloudRyftCloudRyft13 tuntia sitten
  • Wow u are genius earned a sub

    Kabita BasuKabita Basu13 tuntia sitten
  • 4:32 Dream had not a diamond block in middle of his tower, thats why u cant clutch it like dream

    FezzyFezzy14 tuntia sitten
  • I use bed and water

    Jesmin LaiJesmin Lai14 tuntia sitten
  • New subscriber! this is amazing

    Joy De GuzmanJoy De Guzman14 tuntia sitten
  • Hey rekrap2 dream was pro

    zothana chhakchhuakzothana chhakchhuak14 tuntia sitten
  • The most amazing part is that Dream did it while he as under attack

    Nitay WeissNitay Weiss15 tuntia sitten
  • Hi

    PheGamingPheGaming15 tuntia sitten
  • Never underrestimate yourself if dream can do it you also can do it dream are a human you are human you just need some pactice and trust in yourself

    chromax 3777chromax 377715 tuntia sitten
    • chromax you have earned your place among the kind individuals of the internet. we love to see it.

      LostwithdarkLostwithdark13 tuntia sitten
  • Wow u just earned urself another sub

    Gaming Pro27Gaming Pro2715 tuntia sitten
  • X for doubt (You could have gotten the world record but someone did it with no practices)

    thetrue robloxoofthetrue robloxoof15 tuntia sitten
  • wait i realised that if u craft too far the craft will not be able to open

    Nicole HorarioNicole Horario16 tuntia sitten
  • Can anyone relate how hard it is

    오윤경오윤경16 tuntia sitten
  • Dang this gotta take days or hours

    Carlos Andrei RocaboCarlos Andrei Rocabo16 tuntia sitten
  • I think dream did it with no practise WHICH is insane

    Konz GtKonz Gt16 tuntia sitten
    • No he did practice! He streamed on his second twitch a while ago and he was practicing different clutches and mlg . He’s insanely good!

      Blessing outlinesBlessing outlines13 tuntia sitten
  • GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!

    Po ChanrithyaPo Chanrithya17 tuntia sitten
  • try it on a realm+

    Luca McewanLuca Mcewan17 tuntia sitten
  • I feel sad for this guy but well done

    Luca McewanLuca Mcewan17 tuntia sitten
  • Noice dream replyed too in this video

    Shiva GpShiva Gp18 tuntia sitten
  • I Have Tryed That And I Did It

    SapNap Dream GeorgeNotFoundSapNap Dream GeorgeNotFound18 tuntia sitten
  • 5:27 made me laugh so hard

    LiYojan KingLiYojan King19 tuntia sitten
  • Dedication!

    TheNarrowGamerTheNarrowGamer19 tuntia sitten
  • Imagine doing this on bedrock

    Arredondo HernanArredondo Hernan19 tuntia sitten
  • Whot

    Zeph MafarangZeph Mafarang20 tuntia sitten
  • no one can beat dream

    Obaidullah GamerObaidullah Gamer21 tunti sitten
    • except in pvp,redstone,building,clutch(yes i saw someone craft a rail mid air and placed a on the ground rail,then minecart,then hopped on)and parkour.

      MarkPlayzMarkPlayz15 tuntia sitten
  • This Video Made him more Subcribe.

    Roshanne GallateRoshanne Gallate21 tunti sitten
  • Yay no more 100k subs

    Blessing NzengaBlessing Nzenga22 tuntia sitten
  • 5:08 this is my favorite part Lol I just love this XD

    RicesPyXRicesPyX22 tuntia sitten
  • He just wasted about 15 minutes to do the boat jump and i did it in the nether the first time doing it 😬

    8mrwastaken8mrwastaken22 tuntia sitten

    JoelisnotmynameJoelisnotmyname23 tuntia sitten
  • WOW

    Vali CaplanVali Caplan23 tuntia sitten
  • be on bedrock who has to make shovel and boats dont prevent fall damage *sad noises*

    Thomas MojicaThomas Mojica23 tuntia sitten
    • *shovels to make boats that don't prevent fall damage*

      Thomas MojicaThomas Mojica23 tuntia sitten
  • hes lucky he doesnt need a shovel

    Lord FarquaadLord Farquaad23 tuntia sitten
  • I just realised that this video has five times more views than mumbo’s latest video!

    BobosaurusBobosaurusPäivä sitten
    • true

      rekrap2rekrap222 tuntia sitten
  • ez

    uBOOMuBOOMPäivä sitten
  • this is INSANE! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!

    Maia Vital Brazil RiveMaia Vital Brazil RivePäivä sitten
  • This person has big Brain Just like dream

    Twist aka wistTayTwist aka wistTayPäivä sitten
  • WOW

    Twist aka wistTayTwist aka wistTayPäivä sitten
  • :()

    Flynn CabreraFlynn CabreraPäivä sitten
  • ima try in bedrock rn

    matthew jr marshallmatthew jr marshallPäivä sitten

    matthew jr marshallmatthew jr marshallPäivä sitten
  • this man is living proof that practice makes perfect

    Noah KaufmanNoah KaufmanPäivä sitten
  • *E P I C*

    Sebastián Salazar QuirósSebastián Salazar QuirósPäivä sitten
  • 3:48 you should of double right click

    Finally finderFinally finderPäivä sitten
  • Go on it

    Cool Arad Xbox 28Cool Arad Xbox 28Päivä sitten
  • Dream spoke the truth am subbing aswell

    oi oioi oiPäivä sitten
  • for all your hard work I subbed you deserve it

    HomeGrown123HomeGrown123Päivä sitten
  • YO BRO WH-

    Lei KLei KPäivä sitten
  • Lie

    YT GAMEYT GAMEPäivä sitten
  • Me subbing to this because he did it

    Namza 2020Namza 2020Päivä sitten
  • GG

    Robton nounRobton nounPäivä sitten