Philips crazy Ski Slope Cassette Deck

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As unusual cassette decks go - the 1970s Philips changers are some of the oddest.
00:00 Intro
04:18 The ‘Repair’
26:05 First Demo
30:13 Prices & History
32:38 More Demo
36:39 Wrap Up
38:22 Credits
Additional Links
Akai Auto-reverse video
Bi-colour Tapes from
It’s very likely one reason the tapes didn’t always locate perfectly in the mechanism is because I was using short custom-wound tapes. As these have less tape inside...they will also have less weight than the average C90. When I ordered them I had no idea the tolerances in the machine would be so fine with regard to tape weight. My intention was to use the short lengths to demonstrate the continuous tape recycling feature activated by the tape end sensor...without having to wait for a full length tape to reach the end. In addition most new cassette shells are a bit rougher and more angular than ones from back in the 1970s - they'd be more smoothed off with rounder edges, and as a result they'd be far less likely to get caught up against the sides of the cassette well.

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  • I bought one of these from the N.A.A.F.I. in Germany and everyone thought it was fantastic. Great if you had a party, just let the music play all night. I dumped it a few years ago when the rubber drive bands broke.

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  • For amazing engineering see the Fridan comptometer - 1930s engineering. I have one. I dread anything ever going wrong with it.

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    leverage1976leverage1976Päivä sitten