I Was Made for Lovin´ You (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Original by Kiss
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Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

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  • Завжди піднімаєш настрій !!! КЛАС!

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  • the long lost fifth member of kiss: frog-man

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  • Do some more kiss songs.

    King RylarthKing Rylarth5 tuntia sitten
  • You've just made my wife happy as hell with this remake! She loves how you took the disco out of this Kiss song.

    Bargg NiwreBargg Niwre5 tuntia sitten
  • Ooo yeah! Heavy Kiss is better Kiss! 🤘🤘🤘

    Jason W.Jason W.6 tuntia sitten
  • Thanks for the energy Leo ......... Never disappointed ✌️

    Paranormal PassagesParanormal Passages6 tuntia sitten
  • Oh this is gold. Hilarious video, awesome cover of my guilty pleasure song!

    DeLayne BaurDeLayne Baur7 tuntia sitten

    D KD K7 tuntia sitten
  • A lot better than KISS's version.

    thereaper91thereaper918 tuntia sitten
  • Sensational!!! What different and increible covers of this classic in less than nine months (yours and Sershen&Darya+Halocene)

    Jose Antonio Piqueras ParienteJose Antonio Piqueras Pariente8 tuntia sitten
  • His Paul Stanley impression is fucking FLAWLESS. I don't mean vocally, either, though I bet Leo could hit those notes too.

    Shadowburn2Shadowburn212 tuntia sitten
  • First Kiss song I actually like

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  • Awesome!

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  • Freakin' Amazing !!

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  • Perfect!

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  • You're the master Leo!

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  • Paul Stanley bows to Leo.

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  • แก๋วววววว🤘🤘🤘🤘

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  • Perfect red

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  • Ok this goes into the favorites category!

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  • VERY COOL MAN, Kiss is my youth / Video, music, your playing is the BEST/ Bravo Leo 👏

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  • from thailand i like you \m/

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  • the way it should be !....Love it !

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  • Yep im mind screwed again...hahaha truely some awesome talent here.Paul would be so proud.

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  • is it just me or can you almost smell the stank?

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  • А вот сейчас где-то Пол Стенли охирел)))

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  • But this is already a metal song. 🤷‍♂️

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  • Nothing to say just GREAT

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  • Fucking awesome. Killer version

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  • This was cool and creepy at the same time

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    • It would be amazing if you could do a cover of the Racoons end credits theme with Hannah fiworld.info/goon/paeqrIOyt3drsHA/videot.html

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  • The gaffers taped nipples was a nice touch, lol. The wig also gave me an idea. What about Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like a Lady? Endless possibilities for a video.

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  • Great cover as always! I have a suggestion for a song you could cover: "Pressure" by Billy Joel

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  • I think I found a cover that will challenge you. The diva song from 5th element

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  • The only time i like Kiss Songs are when someone else does them. To that end: Well Done!

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  • About the only thing that could have made this better would be if Leo had different makeup when playing bass and drums

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  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  • This is fireeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • It would be amazing if you could do a cover of the Racoons end credits theme with Hannah fiworld.info/goon/paeqrIOyt3drsHA/videot.html

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  • This song finally got the metal vibe it deserved for so long.

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  • Leo never ever change you are one in a million

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  • inside the fire cover by krystian krasacki

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  • You lost me when you put the star on the wrong eye...seems I'm the only one who noticed that

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  • Hungry like the Wolf _Duran Duran......... PLEASE, and thank you!

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  • Gracias Leo

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  • SSIK.

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  • Copacabana, one night in Bangkok

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  • Hello everyone! Please look at #SOSCOLOMBIA on all social platforms we need international pressure because our government is m*rdering us!!! 🇨🇴📣🚨

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    • Just high level awesomeness from Frog Leap Studios!

      gioyu comigioyu comi2 päivää sitten
  • I would love to hear him do let it whip.

    toddm1974toddm19742 päivää sitten
    • Paul Stanley killin' every instrument 😀

      gioyu comigioyu comi2 päivää sitten
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  • Jesteś przekurwazajebisty człowieku :) :) :) ! ! !

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  • Awesome love some kiss great job. God gave us rock an roll an you rocked it hard.

    Polyvore 13Polyvore 132 päivää sitten
  • That was lit. Much like. Do Mr. Roboto.

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  • Kvifor lager du alle videone så "cringe" ?

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  • Can you please do a cover of Blue from Eiffel 65? :D

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  • ну наконец-то свершилось!!!) только можно было бы все маски воспроизвести для полного шоу)

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  • Sorry, but Steve seagulls made it better. fiworld.info/goon/noO2mqO9rZmlhXA/videot.html

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  • Paul Stanley killin' every instrument 😀

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  • Just high level awesomeness from Frog Leap Studios!

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  • Awesomeness 😁 just wish you’d change your make up between rolls

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  • We need a Driver License cover!!! Please!!!!

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  • Мне ниче не понятно, но прикольно.

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  • wow, that drummer kicks ass.

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  • You need an accompanying video of you pulling that tape off... But wait...I am not at the end of this one yet.....

    Dark Corner StudiosDark Corner Studios2 päivää sitten
    • Ok ...can confirm...no tape ripping...lol Awesome remake of one of my favourite KISS songs...

      Dark Corner StudiosDark Corner Studios2 päivää sitten
  • 47 seconds in and I think this is the best he has ever produced. Loads of favorites but this shit really hits

    Sabrina FSabrina F2 päivää sitten
  • Righteous.

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  • これは凄い!かっこいい(^^)/

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