JLo Asked Me To Be In Her Music Video | Charli D'Amelio

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hey everyone!!!! i don't even know what to say. i had so much fun shooting this video! thanks so much to Jennifer for asking me to be apart of this music video, it was such an honor. I hope you all enjoy watching it!
go watch the official video now!!!

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  • No hate to Charli she is beautiful and talented but as a Latina and seeing charli in the music video doing just simple tik Tok dancing I feel disappointed. Because I feel like a Latina should have been there and it would have made it more boom . Once again not hate my opinion 😌

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  • chari has changed so much she has changed her makeup and her hair- she used to be so sweet and kind but now being a celeb has changed her i have watch this happen to so many teens i used to look up to her cuz i wanted to be her---i am not a hater just all of the people has made a difference of her though i dont really know her i just wanted to hope that maybe this could create something good idk but yeah

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    • i agree hopefully she can see this I have always wanted to meet her but idk anymore

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  • Everyone charlie D'Amelio cheated in mr beast challenge with 3000 dollars but it ain gonna stop me from unsubscribing or unlocking but plz charlie D'Amelio give him the money back

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    • @Sidney B huh are u talking to me

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    • calm down sweetie, mr beast already discussed this

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    • He has SO much money 💰

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  • This girl made a pact with the devil xD

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