Max Gets Away From TikTok Ban - Short Animated Pencil of Funny Moment

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Max Gets Away From TikTok Ban - Short Animated Pencil of Funny Moment
Max considered himself a big player in social media circles that he took part in.
#WOAVIDEOS #tiktok #socialmedia #Animation #FrameByFrame #2DAnimation #Drawing #MAXSPUPPYDOG
0:00 TikTok on The Clock
3:01 Wedding in Mario
5:14 The School Bus
7:03 A Joke Becomes Real
9:08 Soul Changing
11:14 Fly Me To The Cow
13:19 The Sick Earth
16:35 The Lost Shoe
18:49 Getting Nuts
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Max's Puppy Dog is traditional frame-by-frame 2D animation channel with many videos telling stories around Max, the silly character with his black comedy served for entertainment purposes and sharpening our 2D animation skills. With these black comedy, we expect and welcome all the audience no less than the age of 15. Stay tuned for weekly uploading.
Frame-by-frame 2D animation is an animation that was the process used for most animated films of the 20th century. The individual frames film are computer-generated drawings, with the use of many different softwares. To create the illusion of movement, each drawing differs slightly from the one before it. So It might take a lot of time (4 days to a week) to complete a 3-minutes episode. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.
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Production Manager: Boshu, Tran Minh Hung.
Storyboard: Lam Thu Huong, Hanh Tran, Kong Kong, Quanh
Script: Diep Tran, Lam Thu Huong, Hanh Tran, Kong Kong, Quanh
Visual Development: Kissa Nguyen, Truc Vu, Thuy Le
Layout: Icy, Nguyen Phan, Chau Nga, Hai An
Animation: Lehai1995, Tuyen Pham, Tan, Hien, Noir, Tin
Sound Design: Nhu Nguyet, Doan Quoc Bao
Music: Vu Dinh Tru.

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