(OLD) LEGO Ninjago COMPLETE Ninja Suit Collection Updated! (2011-2018)

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  • Add golden rebooted Cole, Jay and Zane

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  • Due the season 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15

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  • Where is lloyd in energy form

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  • I love ninjago

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  • What is your favorite ninja mine is the green ninja

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  • 12:08 Kai’s face look a lot similar to lloyds face.

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  • I was half an hour in the video when I noticed that this video is an hour long!

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  • fiworld.info/goon/Z4O7vo-X1Wp7qnA/videot.html fiworld.info/goon/hqXauYWzrXyogIU/videot.html

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  • March of the oni? Aspheera? Prime Empire? Master of the Mountain?

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  • Amazing collection, i want to make a collection of all Jay’s including customs. I just want to know where to get OG JAY’s second hairpiece that he only had twice

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  • Can I have NRG Cole?

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  • 19:06 zanes face print that’s jay

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  • Did you just called jay zane

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  • Next time you do a show And do you know without armor

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  • Will you give some of those Lego to your fans? I am subscribed :)

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  • Can I have all the deapstone ones there my fabourite ones ever

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  • What happened to your thumb

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  • WOW I really want ninjago minifigures and look at you you have it all

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  • Remember when he said Zane when he pointed at jay

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  • Hold up so samurai x was in ninja armor, hinting that she's ninja, but that green armor is samurai armor. Samurai armor was hated by ninja soooo

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  • Kaywen keepings me kaywen on on onloge

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    • @DTinaglia Studios Legos. Ninjago fake me know your done work now baby your way back

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    • Kaywen is coll

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  • he called jay zane

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  • 10:53 "Zane through (...)" Points at Jay. Yeah.. sure thing :]

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  • Kaywen on your own with us as possible but your right mom or sister has an ear but yes your own or dad has his last on

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  • With the skybound suits Nya and Kai basically have the same suits cuz their both red and black apart from their little airjitzu signs on their chests

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  • Cool make more videos of this.😀😀😀

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  • i have one of the unusual figures zane snake jaugur

  • Lego Ninjago Full All Episodes HD fiworld.info/goon/Ym2YmHqmln-RfKM/videot.html

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  • love it

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  • You have all the figures! I only have Kai Cole not and loyd

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    • Bye not I meant Nya. Autocorrect

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  • Jow much u want for them

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  • The new jay look is awesome

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  • Umm you called jay zane

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  • Don’t you hate it when you can’t take the bricks 🧱 apart

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  • 30:20

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  • Fire 🔥

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  • He called Jay Zane

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  • 🎵 Look at this graph 🎵

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  • And I like Jay having freckles

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  • I didn't even notice that Jay had freckles only until you pointed it out

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  • I like kai

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  • Why don’t you do prime empire

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    • The title says this one is old, there’s a new one on my channel more recently

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  • Then you do not have all the ninja

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  • The blue ninja is jay not Zane

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  • 14:39 where r zanes shoulder pads??

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  • Bro you just called jay Zane

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  • I dont even have that much of ninjago legos

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  • Instead of spinjitzu they should make a new show called ninjago masters of airjitzu following sensie yangs students

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  • actually you know that we've seen garmadon before even lloyd in teh fourth episode

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  • 11:03 it’s jay not Zane :)

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  • should have waited 4 more years so it would be wayyy bigger

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  • A lot of people: wow you have the gold ninja it’s so rare Me : I have it and it’s literally in a £10 lego dimensions set Edit : 10:53 did you call Jay Zane

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  • You kept calling jay zane

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  • 1. ZX 2. Hands of tine 3. Kimono 4. Original (pilot) 5. Forget the name, srry (season 5 suits)

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  • I love LEGO ninjago as a kid in 2011 so much so please heart this comment

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  • 10:53 19:05 Jay is the new ice master

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  • 10:51 said zane instead of jay

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  • bot gay kid

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  • I am on episode hand of on ninjago

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  • Si vous les avez encore vous pouvez me les donner stp

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  • nice video dued

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  • Shows zanes ninjago movie happy face: looks a little creepy Me: that’s what I’m saying

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  • when this dude keeps calling jay zane XD

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  • 10:54 Lloyd is cool

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  • I love Kai hair

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  • i cant belive i watched an hour of ninjago minifigures

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  • I just got Ninjago movie Lloyd today!

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