Shadows Glitch -0-

Shadows Glitch -0-

Hi 👀👌 Im Shadows Glitch -0- I dont even know if people read this but... My content is pure Gacha FNAF. I usually do a lot of my Fnaf stuff with the Afton Family, mainly mini movies and sometimes memes ✨😎 anyway be free to watch any of my videos and subscribe for more content :) Love ya all!!💖💖

If you wish to use any of my memes for a reacting video you are more than welcomed to :)👌

And if you ever wish to make a gift for me or feature me in something you may also do that, I would be very grateful if you did happen to make a gift for me 💞💞💞

Instagram: ShadowsGlitch_FNAF
Tiktok: ShadowsGlitch_Official (Im never on tiktok though but you can follow it if you want👁)

For official Shadows Glitch -0- merch, check out Shadows Shop on Teespring. Link below.